Monday, February 16, 2009

Star Quilt Class

For my birthday I took the star quilt class from Lu at work. She's done a ton of star quilts and adds a lot to them. I'd never done one and to be honest, they scare me. After the 4 hour class, I had one point done (on the left), and the one on the right is the two sets laying together. I really like my colors and will end up with a very dark backing behind it.
I was so excited to post, that as I'm looking at the picture I realized I have my points wrong and will be doing some ripping tonight. Good think I took a picture or I may have done all 8 points wrong!

Star Quilt 001
I was too tired last night, so I fixed the backing for a baby quilt, loaded it on the frame and quilted the borders last night. I'll have to go back and finish the inner quilting with a different color tonight. I'm hoping to have the binding on, so I can do the hand sewing tomorrow.


Gina said...

LOove the colours you are using

love and hugs Gina xxx

Jen said...

I love your colors too. I also would like to make one. Maybe ill gwt brave when u sre done!!

quiltin cntrygrl said...

I love your colors.. I bought the book on how to do those lone star quilts because that seems to be what fascinates my dad.. he thinks they are neat and in the right colors I think they are too.. smiles