Monday, February 16, 2009

Triangle Ranch Bed and Breakfast

This weekend, since it was my birthday and Valentine's all rolled into one weekend, Paul made reservations for us to stay at the Triangle Ranch Bed and Breakfast on Sat. night. We had planned to stay here the night of our wedding, but because of the flooding were unable to. It's a beautiful ranch out on the plains of western South Dakota. This is the Alahambra house from the Sears and Roebuck catalog. Behind the bush in the center is the porch and front door. It cost 1,969 in the catalog and arrived at Cottonwood SD on the train. Kenny and Lyndy have preserved it and the antiques in it are incredible.
This is the view from the north, where everyone parks.
The carriage house is a short distance to the south. Paul and I stayed in it for the night.
It's not more than a hop, skip and a jump from the main house.
As you enter the front door, to the right is a small kitchenette. There was popcorn, dishes, candy, and a fridge. The TV had a DVD player so we started watching one of the DVD's I got for my birthday.
This is the bathroom with the clawfoot, cast iron tub. It was so cool.
The pegs on the mirror held the towel.
Up in the loft, was this wagon of antiques and a log cabin replica.
The lamps were the only lights up in the loft, where there was an old trunk and a queen size bed, with a very old quilt on it.
Looking down from the loft you can see the decorations, the leather chair and couch.
There were also bunk beds in the living room.
I forgot to take pictures of the stairs to get up to the loft, but they were rather steep, almost like a ladder.
Our hosts were wonderful. We had a huge meal Sat. night and visited with them for a while. Then they cooked a huge breakfast Sun. morning and gave us a tour of the house. It's absolutely beautiful and was so relaxing. We'll definately be going back again sometime.

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Jen said...

What a neat place! I'm shocked you could buy a house in the sears catalogue!