Monday, February 02, 2009

January Quilting Accomplishments!

I think maybe I shouldn't set such lofty goals, or actually work on the quilts I say I'm going to work on! I feel like I actually got a lot done though, so maybe I just don't do what's on the list. I feel like I didn't do anything the entire last week of the month, though I know it isn't really true.

January Quilting List
Mini Miranda - DONE!!
Java Bistro Quilt - Done!!
Mom and Me Loralie Design Quilts - Top Done!

Brown & Pink Quilt - Happy Hour - DONE!
Purple Teal Batik Quilt - Fabric Bought
Family of Wolves Applique Wall Hanging
Paul's Wolf Wall Hanging - All pieces are SAS'ed
Make Crown Royal Quilts - Fabric Purchased
Courier Bag Class

In January I actually got the following projects done:
Mini Miranda Sample
Java Quilt

Java Bistro Wall Hanging
Dirt Mover Baby Quilt
Baby Quilt
Fish Quilt
Pink/Brown Happy Hour Quilt Sample

Machine Quilting Sample
Construction Baby Quilt Panel Top

Loralie Quilt Top

In February I'm going to list those I really want to get done and seriously try to get the whole list done.
Quilt block Sample
Go Green Bag - Quilting Themed Sample
Schlep Bag - Sample
Pay it Forward Gifts
Star Quilt - Class using purple/teal/aqua/lavendar - Happy Birthday to ME!
Paul's Deer Quilt


jillquilts said...

You did good! I need to get on those tutorials for the Courier bag....

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

Great job,all you girls worked so hard all month.