Tuesday, March 09, 2021

T-shirt quilt and APQ challenge

Last week I laid out the Wildlife Teen Spirit quilt. I was thinking it was really long and narrow, so when I got home I checked the pattern and it needed to be 5x4, instead of 4x5. I laid it out again yesterday and now it's ready to sew together. This is my APQ challenge for March. 
Last night I whipped together 2 masks for Mikaela's 1st-grade teacher. She loved them! She's now the literacy specialist, but they have such a special bond.
I took Angela Walter's new t-shirt quilt pattern and made it a bit bigger and used my dad's wife's t-shirts to make a quilt top. I was able to lay it out today and hope to get it sewn tonight. I'll make another block from the sleeves I have at home. I hated doing the math, but love how it turned out. 


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