Thursday, March 11, 2021

Ann's T-shirt Quilt Top

Tuesday night everyone was in bed by 8 pm. The kids were in bed at 7 due to standardized testing. When they go to bed and asleep by 7:30, I have extra sewing time. I sewed the bottom block for my dad's wife Ann's t-shirt quilt, then sewed the top together. It turned out pretty cool and I'll visit with her this weekend about backing fabric and then hopefully next weekend I can get it quilted for her. 
I also used this mini brick road table runner as my "leader/ender" project to finish it up. I'm not crazy about it, but it's from scraps, so it works. It's Glamping Gypsies fabric and about the 10th thing I've made from this fabric. 
Yesterday I had a heart Dr. appointment. I'm starting a new grandmother's flower garden table topper out of L'Amor fabric (11 years old) and I put it in the bag Jen Wehr made for me. She started me English Paper Piecing (EPP) when my mom was in the hospital, so I would sit with her and stitch. It only seemed fitting to use it for this project. 
Last night at Faith Formation (1st Communion class), I started this cross stitch project. I'm using mom's thread holder, but I think I'll be getting some bobbins to put it on. I just purchased the frame online after seeing others using it. It's been so handy. I think I might really enjoy this craft. I have done cross stitching many years ago, just haven't picked it up in a while. 
Yesterday the prompt for the online quilt festival was upcycling. I do not upcycle fabric, but I do upcycle these glue cartridges. I put old needles in them to throw away. I've also put some new ones in for storing my hand stitching needles. 
While at the heart Dr. appointment I took this photo of my new thank you heart beating mask. I thought it was so appropriate to wear. I also am wearing my needle minder, although now I have seen that others are putting them on the project. I'll have to try that as well. 


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