Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Bucket list trip

If there is one thing that having cancer has taught me, it is to make memories and do the things you've always wanted to do, because time is not guaranteed. Last winter we made the decision to go to a Nascar race in Kansas City in October. We paid for the tickets, the hotel, and made our plan. Then COVID hit. We really didn't think we'd get to go, but since the track is in KS and they have looser rules, we were re-seated and we were still able to go on our trip. We left early Thursday morning, October 15th. We stopped for lunch and a walk around Falls Park in Sioux Falls. We stayed in Council Bluffs on Thursday night, then got up early Friday morning to head into KC. We were met with a lot of hunters all flocking to SD for the opening hunting weekend. 

My request was to go to Quilting is My Therapy, Angela Walters shop in Liberty, MO. It's just outside of KC and we went there first, so we didn't have to backtrack. It was a cute shop and I had a fun look around. 

Then we headed to the Zoo. The kids love the zoo and we had great weather for it. 
We rode the train and the tram. 

 We went to a World of Outlaws race on Friday night. Then to Springfield and Ozark MO to see a great aunt on Saturday. Sunday it was bitterly cold, 34 with the wind chill. The race was soooo cold, but we survived and made memories. I'm so thankful our trip went off without a hitch and we didn't get sick. We had a wonderful time and we're already planning for a similar trip next year.

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