Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Quilting in June

It seems like June is flying by and I haven't really accomplished much, but it's been so nice to not have any deadlines. I made 4 more Sweet Pea Pods from scraps. I still have a few more to finish up, but so glad these are done.
I entered my Dangerous BOM in the quilt show judging and received an honorable mention ribbon.
Mikaela and I helped with the open sew area. She sewed quite a bit and helped me finish 2 rows.

I had her take a picture of me with my quilt.
I also finished the final blocks for the Ahhhh's quilt and got it sewn into a top. I'm unsure how I will quilt it, but that's ways off so I'm not worried about getting the paper out yet.
I made my dad a pillow out of a block he had from his mom that was never finished. Here's a picture of my grandparents with the pillow.
I started the Crazy Mom Quilts June quilt, quilt along. So far I have lots of strips sewn. I need to do more pressing and sewing.
I made an embroidered towel and washcloth when I got my embroidery machine back. It was acting up and needed a bit of help. These are a gift for a recent grad.

I finished the binding on 8 potholders. These will match our Wine Themed kitchen.
Here's the book I'm using for the June quilt with my first 3 blocks completed. I lost the ruler to trim these up with, so I went to all the quilt shops in town looking for a replacement.... only they didn't have it, so I went home and by pure luck found it.... with my small rulers. I had forgotten I put it there. I have more blocks sewn, but we've been camping and I haven't been sewing.
Once I finished my Ahhhh's quilt top, I worked more on my Sakura quilt top. While we were camping this weekend I was able to get most of the first round sewn on to it.
Last night I had a guild meeting and I was able to sew for 2.5 hours. I got most of the 2nd round completed but realized I was still 2 stars short, so I am now working on those. I'm loving how it's turning out. This one has been super fast and I'm going to be doing another EPP soon.
Next week starts a 2+ week vacation, with a few sprinkled in work days. I am so looking forward to some time to sew. We'll be camping the entire time so the first part will be hand sewing and after the 4th we'll be at Hart Ranch, so I'll have power and be able to sew. Hopefully, I'll get a few more finishes before I leave.

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