Friday, June 02, 2017

May Accomplishments

May is often one of my slowest months for sewing, but this seemed to be a pretty busy month. I finished Mrs. Ivey's quilt before teacher appreciation week, so we gave it to her then.
I was even able to get an embroidery label done. The next thing I tried to embroider locked up the machine, so it's in being serviced now.
I finished the sample Everyday Wallet I made for the class I'm teaching in August.
This is the inside.
I made boo boo bags for my MIL to give to her workers.
The Amethyst Project bag probably took me the longest to complete. It was a bit of a challenge, but I'm excited to make another one and teach the class in the fall.

More boo boo bags, this time to sell to my MIL's worker.
I finally made these two trinket cases.
I gave one to my co-worker Tammy and kept one for myself.
Mathew got a new cars fleece blanket with a red back from Grandma Delia's fabric stash.
Mikaela picked out the Frozen and got a purple fleece backing also from Grandma Delia's fabric stash.
I finished up a few more Ahhh's
Hoping to get the rest of the blocks done this month.

While we were camping I finished up these 4 Sweet pea pods. I have a bunch more that I started to work on as well. They are great for doing in the camper as I don't have to be precise and they are quick and easy.
With NO deadlines looming, I took out mom's Fall friendship braid and started working on it. I trimmed it up, only to realize some of the WOW were wrong, so now I am fixing those.


I went with Mikaela to her school field trip and I just LOVE this picture of her.
She graduated from Kindergarten last Friday. She just loves school so it will be a long summer. It's a transition for me to only do one drop off and start work 1/2 hour earlier.
We enjoyed Hart Ranch last weekend and the kids got to go on a train ride before we left. We simply love spending time there and are excited to be going back a couple weeks in July.

Yards In this Month: .75
Yards Out this Month: 25.5
Yards In this Year: 48.75
Yards Out this Year: 149.25
For a total of 100.5 yards used!


Sara said...

The label on that cute teacher quilt is so nice - perfect for her to remember your daughter years from now when she uses that quilt. Love those Ahh blocks. They are so intricate.

Deb A said...

Such a great month you had. She is getting so big and that is a great picture of her! Enjoy the summer... school will start again soon enough.

Jennifer said...

That's some great stash usage, lots of finished projects, and cute pictures of Mikaela - she's growing up quickly! Hope you're having a great weekend!

Andee said...

I love that first quilt with the embroidery label! You have been busy!