Friday, July 08, 2016

Starting Strong in July & June stash report

July is starting strong for me, at least in the block building. I cut out the 4 FGV blocks while we were camping, so when the kids went to bed early on the 4th, I was able to sew them up. I can get so much accomplished when I pre-cut and don't do it at home.
I was anxious to sew the Dangerous Block 3 Jesse James but didn't have enough time to get it cut out at work, so Wednesday night I cut all the pieces out and started sewing. Last night I finished it up. I'm loving how this fabric is using up my brights and most of the small pieces.
Dangerous Block number 3.
These are my 3 blocks so far. If you're interested in joining the free block of the month, join Gudrun's Crew Facebook page. They are released on the 5th of the month and we're only 3 blocks in, so easy to catch up.
Love my Dangerous blocks so far. These are not quick or easy, but they are precise and use up my small scraps that I normally wouldn't keep.
Back in January, I made these blocks partially to show step by step how to make them. They were returned to me and I've been using them as leader/enders while sewing blocks to put them together. Now they are all done and I'm going to put them into a table topper or runner. I'm not sure which one yet.
Four scrappy granny squares.
I want it for my desk at work, so I'm also considering the table runner that could drape over.
Table runner or table mat?
Last night Paul took the kids to the races for a special event. I was tired from work and didn't really want to go, so I stayed home. Oh boy! I had so much time to sew! I cooked, cleaned, and got the kitchen shaped up, watched the news, and it was only 6PM! So off to the studio I went. I finished up the Dangerous block, two of the granny square blocks, and cut out the interfacing and fused it on the professional tote I am making. The cutting and fusing seemed to take forever, but I did get the front pocket made. It's a start. I feel like I made so much progress last night. This weekend I hope to sew more on the professional tote, but I also have to get the bags packed for a week of camping at Hart Ranch. We'll be staycationing there and doing some fun activities. We'll have electricity, so I plan to do a bit of sewing!
My stash report for June is pathetic! I only finished 2 minkee blankets for the cousins kids and nothing else... I did do a few FGV and Dangerous blocks, but won't count them until I am done. I really hope to get a couple finishes this month, if I schedule a quilting day at dad's, I might get the chance.

Fabric bought this month: 7 yards
Fabric bought this year: 55.75 yards
Fabric used this month: 2.5

Fabric used this year: 141.5 yards
Net Fabric used this year: 85.75 yards!

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Sara Fridley said...

Looks like you have another Jackrabbit project with those cute blue and gold blocks. I need to get caught up on my FGV blocks again. I'm behind this group by 2 blocks, and the face-to-face group is 1 block ahead of me.