Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Successful Sewing Week

Last week was super busy, but I carved out time to work on two newish projects. The first is a set of Bargello place-mats. I made each one different. The first one had the dark teal through the center, the second had the light teal/light purple. The other two are the reverse arches. I think they turned out pretty awesome and were so much fun to make. The one on the right is a wee bit bigger because I used Mikaela's machine to piece it and since the Janome 1/4" foot is not a true quarter and it can't be moved on her machine, the sets were a bit off. Luckily it's not real noticeable and they won't be right beside each other often.

I also finished up the 4th granny square block and finished the top of the quilt. This will be a sample for a class I am teaching in the fall. I'm really looking forward to teaching it, now that I know how to easily make the blocks. I was going to quilt it Sat. but realized my backing was cut wrong and needs to be pieced. Hopefully I'll get that rectified one day soon and be able to quilt it.
The 3rd placemat got finished Friday night and I was able to piece the 4th one Saturday morning before breakfast and after lunch. Luckily we didn't go to my dad's until late afternoon, so plenty of time to get it made, so I could quilt them.
I'm feeling great about my samples for next quarter. I have all but one done and a few others that are just icing on the cake if they get done. I'm super excited to work on a bargello heart in these same colors, but I have to find one more purple!

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