Wednesday, June 04, 2014

June A Year of Lovely Finishes Goal

June is really flying by! I can't believe how fast this year is going. One of my May goals was to quilt my Amish Rubic Star. I anticipated quilting it with big stitch quilting, but a dear friend suggested that wasn't my style and it would look better with my traditional quilting. So it sat and sat and sat... for several months! In fact it's been done since January. I didn't get out to my dad's, so I didn't think I was going to meet my goal. Saturday afternoon we headed out there to pick up firewood and I got a chance to quilt! I was able to meet my May goal.  I know I could let this set for a while, so I've decided to make it my June goal to finish the binding and put the hanging sleeve on the quilt.
This picture shows the quilting better, but the color is pretty distorted.
This picture shows the whole quilt, 40"x40" approximately. It's far closer to the actual colors. I used a teal/blue/purple/green King Tut thread on top and a dark teal Bottomline in the bobbin. I used a wool batting, so it will be light weight.
With the anticipation of a possible new opportunity, I want to have this quilt ready for hanging soon. Hopefully putting it as my June goal will give me the incentive I need to finish it.

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Sandy Panagos said...

That is really beautiful Won't it be nice to have it finished and hanging?