Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Embroidery Sunday

I have wanted to make some embroidered towels for quite a while, but finally got them bought about a month ago. It took me another month to get the embroidery stuff out and make them. So long in fact that my computer had to be re-booted and I lost the software and had to re-install it. Luckily all the stars aligned and on Sunday I got to spend about 3 solid hours embroidering.
I made Uncle Tom a towel for camping, since we made Aunt Jane one a while back.
A towel for me for camping this weekend
A towel for Grandma
A towel for daddy
A t-shirt for Grandma Leslie (she has a sweatshirt, but I wanted to make her a t-shirt).
Then I just had to make Grandma Ann a new t-shirt since Payton was born after I made her sweatshirt.
My friend Pat gave me this stand for graduation and our professional picture fits in it perfectly! I just love this picture and the great saying on the stand.


Judy said...

Love your embroidery! Such cute Idea's.

Beautiful Family picture too...

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

Cute embroidery project and I LOVE the family pic! Congratulations to you too...