Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Crazy Quilting Saturday

Saturday night we went to my dad's house to pick up firewood for our camping trip this weekend. I luckily got in an hour or so of quilting time. I was able to load two "quilts" at a time, use the same thread and get them done in a quick fashion.
I quilted a panel for hanging in Mikaela & Mathew's room. One says "Why God made Little Boys" the other why He made little girls.

Both were quilted with a cream King Tut & a cream Bottomline
At the same time I quilted this wall hanging for Mathew that is a growth chart. It's super cute and since I could use the same thread it went really fast.
I did a large stipple on both quilts.
The second time I loaded the frame, I put on my bargello placemats. I used a backing that had gold metallic to it. I used scraps of batting, so that is why they are on there funky.
A close up of the quilting.
At the same time I loaded my Amish Rubic Star. I quilted it with the same teal/purple/ lime green thread as the place-mats and got them all done in one fell swoop.
It was so nice to be able to get these quilted and be able to mark a few more projects off my quilting list. I now only have 1 quilt left on my "to be quilted" pile!

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Judy said...

Beautiful Quilts! Love the colors!