Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend Sewing

This weekend I enjoyed a few extra hours off on Friday, so I did some shopping and then went home to sew and quilt. I had about 2 hours before the kids got home, so I quilted. Saturday the kids both took long naps, so I got some quilting time in while Paul was working.
I spent most of Saturday working on the wolf quilt. I used the BSR, Aurifil thread, and did a lot of thread painting. I had skipped stitches, but only some and I considered it better to be done than to be perfect.
A close up of the "thread painting" I quilted the light gray, brown, yellow/gold, and purple background as well as the border. It turned out pretty good. I accomplished my goal for A Year of Lovely Finishes and it is only the middle of the month!
Friday I spent some time on the frame doing some practicing. I used the mini merry go round quilt top to do different designs. I primarily wanted to practice feathers, which I found I am not good at, but I got better when I did them smaller. I also did some flames, loops (which really worked well), pebbles, spirals, and squiggles. Saturday I put the binding on and sewed it down by machine. It is finished and checked off the UFO list!
Friday the first quilt I worked on is this Dr. Seuss quilt for Mathew for Christmas. It is quilted with white bobbin thread and has minkee on the back. I bound it in the same fabric as the inner border. It felt so good to finish it on Saturday as well. I machine sewed the binding on both sides because it is so hard to get minkee hand sewn. Check another quilt off the Christmas list.
Saturday I also fixed this jersey for my co-worker Kim. I had to applique the R on for her. It worked out pretty good, but I had a hard time finding the right color of thread. It's done and she loves it and that's all that matters. I really shouldn't procrastinate so much, it didn't take me long to do it.
Saturday night I machine sewed the binding to the front of the wolf quilt and Mikaela was "helping" me. She was putting all my pins from the magnet over to a pin cushion. I looked over and she had my hand sewing hexie bag and had taken the scissors and cut through one of my basted diamonds. It could have been way worse, but I really have to get a better spot to put my scissors. She's getting to the inquisitive stage and wanting to do everything mom does. I think I'll be looking for a toy sewing machine for Christmas.
I did get the binding on the wolf and during lunch today I sewed down the binding and put the hanging sleeve on it. It turned out pretty good for as much as I dreaded making it. I am so HAPPY to have it done and I'm sure Paul will find a place to hang it for after Christmas. Another gift done. Only 2 more to go!

I also sewed a hanging sleeve on my dad's elk quilt so he can hang it in his living room at his new house. I made a fabric book for Christmas out of a panel my mom had. I think it is Mary Englebright and it's a Christmas story. Fabric books are so easy, yet I dread making them so much and can put off the simple task for a long time. I've had it cut out for at least the past 2 Christmases!
Yesterday I took the kids to mass with me, which is a feet in and of itself. They did pretty good, but they are both so busy, I sure don't get much out of it. Then we went to Hermosa and went to the Eastern Star turkey dinner with my dad. His wife Ann helps with it, so we met her there to eat. It was very good and put me in the Thanksgiving mood. Paul worked all weekend, so we didn't see him much until Sunday afternoon when we did our shopping for the week. He'll start hunting next weekend, so November is kind of crazy at our house.
I am so excited to have 4 finishes for the month already and a couple more that will finish up rather quickly once I get some time. It always feels good to have productive weekends. I'm linking up to a Year of Lovely Finishes mid-month report and Crazy Mom Quilts Friday Finishes.

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Sara said...

The wolf turned out beautifully and I'm sure your husband will love it. I had to laugh about the scissors incident. We must all have a story about toddlers and scissors. She will love learning to sew like mom as she gets a little bigger. My girls were never interested, but maybe my granddaughters will be.

Colleen said...

The thread painting looks great! She is about the age Ian was when I bought him his first pair of scissors, taught him how to safely use them, and gave him his own pile of fabric and paper to cut while I was working.

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

What a great post... so much progress for you and a budding quilter too!

Sara said...

Oh thank goodness for long naps! Did you piece that wolf? Amazing work!!

Heather North said...

Your wolf quilt is amazing! The amount of finishes this month with the young children you have is amazing! YOU are amazing!!!