Wednesday, November 13, 2013

EPP Monthly Report

splish splash stash

This hasn't been the most productive month for EPPing. I just haven't spent much time on it as I quit pumping at work and it's been nice enough to walk on most breaks. I usually spend my lunch hours working on homework, but this week I did spend some time on my EPP.
I started putting the borders on my Rubic Star. I have one border about half way on and another that is half pieced. I would like to have the border on by the end of November, but I am not sure that is possible. I keep plugging away at it when I can though.
I did run into a minor set back when my wonderful 2 3/4 old daughter got a hold of the bag and scissors in it and cut through one of my pieces. I think I have another I can replace it with and I know I have more of the fabric. I just need to do it. I am so thankful it was just one piece and not one that was attached.
At work I have also been plugging away at this one on breaks. In the last month I got another side attached and basted a bunch more of the cream hexies to do the borders. I still have one more row of the pink flowers to attache before I call it done.
This is my mini hexie box. I did most of the cream ones this month. These are the 3/4" hexies.
Thanks to Hydeeann for showcasing my Ahhhh EPP project on her blog this month.


Sara said...

The rubic star is pretty and now I'm convinced it isn't as difficult as I would have imagined. Love the soft colors in your hexie project. Very feminine!

Kristin said...

Your rubrics star is amazing! The colors are so pretty, will you frame it when it's done?

Deb A said...

Wonderful projects! So glad she only cut one.

hydeeann said...

oh, no - scissors! glad it's fixable. =)

I like the cream hexies you have bordering the pinks. it's a good mix.

my epp has been ebbing lately, too. it always ebbs and flows, though, so i'm certain i'll get back to more of it when my Christmas projects are done. enjoy those walks while you can!

thanks for linking up with In Hand again. =)

Michelle Bartholomew said...

I've never seen anything like your Rubic Star before. Very cool!

Janet said...

The Rubic Star is lovely! I'm glad your daughter didn't cut herself!! I have no idea what "I quit pumping at work" means. I've thought about it a lot and I'm stumped. :)