Tuesday, November 05, 2013

A Lovely Year of Finishes November Goal

A Lovely Year of Finishes

After the amazing month I had in October, I just do not think I can top it for finishes. However, I do plan to work on some old UFO's and get a couple Christmas presents. In mid October I started a goal list for November with 6 items, only 2 are left, so those are my main focuses!
My goal for a Lovely Year of Finishes is to complete the quilting on the wolf quilt. I have worked on it a couple nights, but it is so thick and I am having a lot of skipped stitches, even with a bigger needle and sewers aid. It's becoming more like a thread painting. I'm learning to play with the BSR and really learn to move the quilt evenly. I did take out the quilting on one side I did last month because there was too much pucker. I have a day off this month and would like to get it quilted when no one else is home to bother.
I have done all of the brown quilting. Last night I worked on the light gray and the orange. I think that I may do some in the background purple, but then I think I am going to call it done. Any suggestions for quilting with Aurifil, BSR, through Steam a Seam 2, and multiple layers? I'm using a 14 topstitch needle and sewers aid.
I practiced on this mini doll quilt and it was fun to try different stitches and techniques.

Other goals for the month include:
Finishing the Rubic Star top
Quilt & Bind Mini Merry Go Round
Night before X-mas book
Mom's Christmas Coin Quilt
Dr. Suess Quilt
Pink/Green Carpenters Star
Scrappy Lazy Angle Doll Quilt
The kids are growing up! Mathew turned 11 months today and he's so close to walking. He can now crawl up the stairs, just not down them.
Mikaela is still a spit fire. She's always on the go and protects her big brother. Her words and sentences are increasing very rapidly. Here's she's showing us the catfish. Yes- she can pick out the kids of fish at Cabela's!
She got new pink camo overalls and she was pretty excited to wear them with her pink cowboy boots.


Sara said...

That wolf quilt is going to be amazing. Hope you enter it in the fair next summer.

Melissa said...

That wolf quilt is stunning! Good luck!

Heidi [Banks of Frog Creek] said...

Good luck with the goals... And I totally understand the kiddos growing up so fast! Evelyn keeps eyeing the stairs, but thankfully she hasn't attempted them yet!