Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mathew Paul - 5 months

Mathew Paul turned 5 months old on May 5th. He's become a very active little baby. He's learned to roll over and prop himself up. He's also smiling and giggling.
Mathew 2013-04-27 002

Mathew 2013-04-27 003

Mathew 2013-04-27 007

Mathew 2013-04-27 018

Mathew 2013-04-27 049
He's just so precious and such a handsome young man. He looks just like his daddy.
Mathew 2013-04-30 009

Mathew 2013-04-30 012
He's gotten some of the cutest outfits and just happens to have quilts to match. He loves to lay on a quilt on the new hardwood floor we put in the bedroom.
Mathew 2013-04-30 024

Mathew 2013-04-30 018
He's just started to eat a bit of rice cereal with his milk and so far he's liking it and sleeping better, so I'm one happy momma!
Mikaela is in the process of transitioning into her big girl bed. It's been a fight, but slowly she'll get used to it. Hopefully by the time we go camping.

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