Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Kids Pictures

The kids do some of the cutest things and I don't always have my big camera out, so I've taken a few on my phone. Mathew is almost always smiles in the morning, especially when I'm getting ready for a shower before work. He loves to sit in his tub and giggle and smile at me. This cute outfit is from Jody a former co-worker whose daughter is 6 weeks older than Mathew.
Mathew April 28th 2013
Mikaela fell in the mop pail one night and she was so funny trying to get out. She's been doing some of the funniest things this month.
Mikaela in the mop pail
Mathew loves to smile, the tub is great, as long as there is no water in it! This onesie is from Diane, a co-worker.
Mathew 5/1/13
Kay gave Mathew this onesie. He was flapping his arms and moving all over the place. Such a cutie, especially in the morning. That's definately a trait he got from his daddy.
Mathew 5/7/13


Sara said...

Your kids are so cute and it's fun to see how much they've grown. Enjoy those little smiley faces!

Deb A said...

So cute! I just love smiley face babies. Makes me really miss those times with mine. They grow up so darn fast.