Monday, June 04, 2012

Productive weekend

I like to think I put all of my work into one weekend instead of dragging it out over the last 2 months. I feel like I got so much accomplished! Next weekend we are going away for a weekend vacation with my MIL, so she needed a 2 yard bag to pack so we could conserve space. I found some materials and made this one up for her. I started it Wed. night and then had to pick up a zipper, so I finished it on Sunday. Quilt 2012-06-03 020
This quilt has been on my to do list for months. I made it with blocks mom had and then quilted it last year in preparation for donating to the new Terra Sancta retreat center. However, I had about half the binding left to do when I got tired of hand work and I threw it in the closet. This week while cleaning I pulled it out and on Friday I spent an hour finishing up the hand work. I can't believe it only too me an hour to finish!
Quilt 2012-06-03 018
On Sunday I finished it by putting the label on and giving it a good washing. Now it's all ready for donation. Quilt 2012-06-03 010
On Sunday I also put the elastic on this hat my aunt made for Mikaela. It was always flying off, so I put a band around to keep it on. Hope she'll wear it when we're out and about. I fixed Paul's jeans which required a patch and pulling out my little sewing machine with a free arm. Quilt 2012-06-03 009
Saturday I helped Paul put a roof on a lean to and when we got done we were all exhausted, so naps ensued. I felt so refreshed that I loaded Emilee's Carpenter Star wall hanging and quilted it. I love how it turned out and I think she'll love it too. The colors in it are just awesome and it makes me want to do one as well.
Quilt 2012-06-02 004
Here's a couple close ups of the quilting.
Quilt 2012-06-02 009
Quilt 2012-06-02 010

Emilee took my Happy Hour quilt class a few months back and made this queen size quilt. It turned out really amazing and I'm so excited to have gotten to quilt it for her. It quilted up beautiful and I'm going to have to ask what kind of batting it was, because it was so soft. I was on a role and the quilting was going so perfectly that I didn't stop until 11:30 Sat. night when I finished. Good thing I had a 3 hour nap! Quilt 2012-06-02 012
Sunday I put the binding on 3 wall hangings and 2 little table mats. Now they are all ready for hand sewing when we get some rain and I have to stay inside on break. Quilt 2012-06-03 001
I quilted these probably close to a month or two ago and they have been squared up and the binding cut, but just kept getting pushed to the side.
Quilt 2012-06-03 003
I wanted to finish them up so I can clean out the tote they are in. I've come to the end of all my brown/pink Buggy Barn scraps.

Quilt 2012-06-03 005
I also made Mikaela 3 little stuffed dolls to play with on Sunday, but she was too busy playing and I didn't get a picture.
 I've started cleaning out my sewing room and packing up what I can't use and selling or donating a lot of what I'll never be able to use in my lifetime. We have a family member moving in with us and need the bedroom that my quilting room occupies, so I'm downsizing. It's actually been really liberating to get rid of stuff and see what is really important to being able to quilt. I don't really need all the rulers and rotary cutters I've accumulated or the fabric I just won't use. I am keeping projects in bags where I know I have everything, just need the time. I still have to go through all the books as that will take me a while, so I feel so good knowing what I'm keeping is stuff I will actually use. Hopefully now that I've gotten my groove back, I will be able to do more quilting and sewing.

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