Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mikaela 16 Months

Mikaela turned 16 months old on May 19th. It was free fishing weekend and free state park weekend, so we went down to Custer State Park.
Mikaela 2012-05-20 004
Mikaela played while daddy and mommy fished.
Mikaela 2012-05-20 012

Stephens Family 2012-05-20 020 I caught one loan fish which we threw back.
Stephens Family 2012-05-20 024
We went for a drive in Custer State Park on the Wildlife Loop and there were lots of Buffalo and their calves out and about. We probably saw 300.
Stephens Family 2012-05-20 035 Stephens Family 2012-05-20 038 Stephens Family 2012-05-20 040
Memorial Day weekend we spent at my dad's. My brother and his family were down camping on the river and fishing, so we joined them for part of the time. Mikaela loved playing with her cousin and taking lots of walks.

Harty Family 2012-05-28 011

Harty Family 2012-05-28 014
Harty Family 2012-05-28 016
Harty Family 2012-05-28 017

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Sara said...

That girl just keeps getting cuter! I'm sure she really enjoyed the adventures in Custer State Park. My kids always loved going there and seeing the buffalo.