Friday, May 11, 2012

Mikaela in May

May is flying by just as quickly as April did and I'm still not getting much done. I have Heather's quilt to get quilted in the next few weeks and quite a few baby quilts I need to get started on. I know of at least 4 friends having babies, so I need to get those baby quilts started. Most of them are due in the fall, which is good since I'll need the time to get them done. I know one is a boy and another is a girl, but the other two I won't know for a while, so lots to get made. I did start cutting out a little girl baby quilt the other night. I picked out a bunch of racing fabrics for a little boys quilt too, so that will be a class for the fall. I'm busy planning out my summer and early fall classes, so it's going to be busy.
Last night I cut out two more Swoon blocks, so I hope to get at least 1 and maybe 2 made tonight at Club Sew. I had a great class for the Twister quilt last night and they were busy working, so I did some cutting. Those girls know how to use that ruler now and were clicking away. I also picked up some more quilting for others, so I'll be busy with quilting this spring.
Mikaela is being cute as ever. She loves to run and play and giggle and say mommy and daddy a lot. She says other words too, but those are her go to ones right now. She'll be 16 months next weekend.
Mikaela 2012-05-02 015

Mikaela is growing into quite a big girl. She loves to smile and laugh.
Mikaela 2012-05-02 018

She loves to play outside, especially in the dirt.
Mikaela 2012-05-02 034


Colleen said...

Love the face in the 2nd picture! Annaliese makes one like that, too. We call it her scrunchie face. It makes me smile just like looking at the picture of Mikaela did. Enjoy your Mother's Day!

Michele said...

She looks a lot like you in that second photo!