Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mikaela is 47 Weeks Old!

Mikaela is cuter than ever in her Christmas dress, so I took a few pictures, trying to get one to use on our Christmas card, because I was determined to send out Christmas pictures/letters.
Mikaela 2011-12-05 008

Mikaela 2011-12-05 009

Mikaela 2011-12-05 051

Mikaela 2011-12-05 066

Mikaela 2011-12-05 068
We tried to get a family picture as well, which took some work, since it was too cold to do it outside.
Stephens Family 2011-12-03 018 - Copy

Stephens Family 2011-12-03 026

Stephens Family 2011-12-03 041
Mikaela and Grandma
Stephens Family 2011-12-03 054
Mikaela playing the other morning.
Mikaela 2011-12-10 001
She wasn't so sure about going to see Santa either, but she looked cute. Her picture with Santa was a crying/screaming one!
Mikaela 2011-12-10 011
Thanks to Emilee and Rosalie, she has a super cute Christmas dress.
Mikaela 2011-12-12 004

Mikaela 2011-12-12 011

Mikaela 2011-12-12 037
She even sits up in the chair Grandpa Jim made for Grandma Elaine's doll, which is now mine. Mi
Mikaela 2011-12-12 038

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