Wednesday, February 02, 2011

January Quilting Accomplishments

Have BABY! - DONE! Mikaela Marie was born 1/19/11 at 5:45PM, 71bs 13oz, 20"

Laminated Travel Tote - DONE! Groovy Girls January Sample
Quilt Aunt Vi's Quilt - DONE! All three quilts for Aunt Vi are done and ready for delivery.

Snowflake Table Topper - Put off until February

In addition I made several quicky projects while waiting for Mikaela to arrive.
I made an extra long pillowcase for my body pillow using some fabric I received as a gift from my friend Darlene.
I made a pillowcase to go with my OBW quilt using the leftover fabric. I love having the finished quilt and pillowcase to match.
I also made a pillowcase out of the leftover fabrics from my sewing theme quilt. I still have some of that fabric left, so I can make a tablerunner or something to match.
I used up 6 flannel fat quarters and made 6 burp clothes. They were pretty easy and made up quickly.
I made a nursing udder cover. I thought it would be hard, but it turned out pretty easy.
I made up the last 2 little wallets. They are so quick to make so I really enjoy doing them.
I made another udder cover for my friend who is having a baby this month. I love the fabric on this one. It's so bright and cheery.
I made a cover for her changing pad.
I finished up the Valentine's table runner which took me one year to complete.
I also made myself a changing pad cover.
We had Mikaela baptized at the church in Milesville where we were married.

January was a wonderful month. I accomplished 35 hours of quilting/sewing. I got lots of sewing done before Mikaela arrived and even finished the table runner binding while I was in labor the morning she was born. She's a wonderful baby and I've gotten a few hours of sewing in for February.

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cowgirl commentaries said...

I can't believe that you have got so much done with a baby in the house!!!!!!! I love the water bottle covers!