Thursday, September 24, 2009

OBW - Day 4

I have come to the realization, that things without a deadline, do not get done! I have had this OBW cut out since May and when I didn't have deadlines for anything this week, I decided to work on it. I got all the blocks done in 4 day! It didn't take me long at all. Now I just need to work on the design wall and get it all situated, but this will have to be done when I have others to help me look at it. I finished up all the blocks last night, so it's ready to be put together. I feel like I accomplished so much this week.
The 100 Blocks/100 Days challenge, really challenged me to go outside my box and work on projects that I've had sitting around for months. Last night I pulled out the crown royal quilt bag. I have a bunch of the bags already cut and I have the fabric bought, but I don't have a pattern I want to use. I found a concept online I liked, but needed to make it a different size, so I set about making a sample last night. Paul helped me do the math and while it won't be a traditional sized block, it won't matter. It will mathmatically work. I had my fabric calculator out and he had his construction calculator and we were working out the measurements. I hope to get at least one top done and see what it looks like and then I'll go from there. I'd like to make 4 quilts for Christmas, but we'll have to see how it works out. Paul thought my idea was cool, so I think it's the best idea I've had so far to make these quilts.

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cowgirl commentaries said...

I totally need deadlines too! Your ideas sound really cool. Can't wait to see the outcome! -Lariann

Jen said...

Its turning out great! I can't wait to start mine.