Saturday, July 18, 2009

Machine Quilting

This week I've been extremely busy. I taught two nights this week and the rest of the week I've been quilting this quilt for a co-worker. It's a No Fat quilt she made out of western fabric. I used a rust/brown/black verigated on the top and a brown bottomline in the bobbin. I did loops on it and they turned out really well. I got to the last row and thought I might run out of the top thread, but I didn't... which is good since I bought the thread 2 years ago or so. It was the perfect thread for the top.

Here's a close up of the loops.
Today I had the day off which was awesome. We enjoyed the Art in the Park in Spearfish, went shopping, and took a long nap. It was so relaxing. Tonight I put the Chez Moi Happy Hour quilt on the frame. I have 2 rows of quilting thread left and ran out of bobbin thread! The store I bought it at is closed, so will have to try another one and see if I can get it. If I can't, I'll wait till Monday and instead work on my signature quilt from retreat or the Peaches and Cream quilt a long I'm doing. There's always more to do!


Jen said...

I think it looks fantastic! Great Job Moneik!!

Cindy said...

Great quilting it looks wonderful. Sorry about running out of thread I thought that only happened to me on a project.

piecesofpatti said...

It looks great! Good job!

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Love it! You're loops look so nice...I can't do loops ya know. I can't even bond with the machine on my frame....oh day... Sounds like a great day you had! Can't wait to see the peaches one!

QuiltingB29 said...

Gotta ask - I have never heard of a "No Fat Quilt". What is that?