Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another Grommet Purse

I showed the grommet purse I made to my coworkers and they loved it. They wanted it for a sample at the store. I refused to let it go, but since I had the pieces already cut out for another one, I made it up Sat. night. Two hours flat and it was done. I really like this pattern and have another one cut out for a friend.



Jen said...

It's awesome! I just love it. I'll be on the hook for making us the other one. I just need to decide on fabric. You'll get me loving bag making yet, I just know it.

Cindy said...

I really love this bag and I like the size of it compared to the pattern that I have. Now I need to get going and make mine.

quiltin cntrygrl said...

I love all the bags that you and jen have made but the ones that I have tried haven't been as easy as I hoped so I guess its a phobia..