Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Wedding!

Our wedding day was absolutely perfect! We had a cool morning, warm afternoon, a few sprinkles, and a cool evening. I slept in, okay not really I was too excited! I took my time getting ready, finished up a few things at my parents and went to the hall. The bridesmaids, mothers, grandma, and flowergirl were all getting their hair done. We finished the hall decorations and went to the church for rehearsal. It was at 11, but one of the ushers was late, so we held off... He got a speeding ticket trying to be on time. We had a quick rehearsal and went to eat and not all the food was there. I kind of forgot to think about finishing the planning and the food was not where it was supposed to be. We ate lunch, handed out our gifts, and got ready. My aunt did my hair, Angie did my makeup, and I got dressed.
Wedding 204 - Copy
The guys took pictures, I was late for mine, so ended up not getting as many as expected.
Here's a picture of Paul's family.
Wedding 581
Here's a picture of my family.
Wedding 615
Here's one of my aunt Jane who did my hair, me, and my mom.
Wedding 242 - Copy
These are my parents, us, and his mom
Wedding 310 - Copy
Here's our wedding party, bridesmaids, groomsmen, flowergirl, and ring bearer.
Wedding 361 - Copy
Fr. Ron kept us on time and we were able to start the ceremony at 3:45PM like we had planned. We had a quick ceremony/mass and were out of the church rather quickly. We went for a hayride and ended up blowing a tire on the hay rack! It was funny at the time. After we got back we took one outside the church:
Wedding 536 - Copy
We got back to the reception and had a nice meal and cut the cake and did our toasts. Our host and hostess did an awesome job of getting everything together because the punch didn't turn out like it should, but they got it all worked out. The wedding party stole the bride and groom to the only bar in the area and we had a few good laughs. We had a live band that play for a dance. We had a great time and really enjoyed dancing the night away. The place we were to stay was surrounded by flood water, so when we called the day before we had to make a mad dash to find a place to stay. Luckily we were able to get a room at the motel and we received a gift certificate at the bed and breakfast, so can plan to spend the weekend there some other time.
The next morning we met up with the bridesmaids and they were ready to head home, so we visited a bit and then went back out to Milesville for the gift opening. We had family and friends out for breakfast and gift opening and then we cleaned the hall and hauled stuff to my parents. We left about 3:30 for our honeymoon! We were both tired, but chatted the entire way to Sioux Falls.


Kristie said...

I think your wedding was beautiful!! You all look so pretty. I looked through all of your photos and everyone just looks so happy.

Bethany said...

Your dress is gorgeous and you are so beautiful! Congratulations!

Andee said...

Congratulations! Gorgeous group of people in those pictures!

Gina said...

What beautiful photos. You had a great day, one to remember for the rest of your life.

It must be catching as my FIL got a ticket on the day of my wedding aswell. He still hasn't forgiven me. LOl

love and hugs xxx

Regina said...

Just beautiful!

Hazel said...

You look lovely and so happy .Sounds like a beautiful wedding congratulations .