Monday, June 30, 2008

Roy & Shirley Quilted Wedding Wall Hanging

Ever since I can remember going to The Sewing Center for sewing club, I can remembery Roy and Shirley, so I would say I've known them for 10 years pluss. Sewing club, now called Sew & Sews club meets every other month and mom started coming to Rapid for it sometime when I was in high school. I went when I could make it, mostly during holidays when I was in college. When I moved to BH, I became a regular. Shirley is the sweetest lady and her husband Roy is awesome. He brings her the hour from WY over to Rapid City to go to club and other things going on at TSC. She has the 6500 and a serger, so she also goes to serger club which I try to make it to. We've developed a friendship over the years and they were planning to come to the wedding, but her bad back forced them to stay home. I received this beautiful quilted wall hanging from them with a huge bowl. I will always treasure this amazing gift as it's the only quilted gift we received.

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Jen said...

Silly, it's just the only quilted gift you've gotten SO FAR!!!