Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lots done!

I seriously feel like I got a lot done on my quilting this week. The other night I wanted to start something, but nothing big, so I went to my UFO pile, which is small in comparison to most, but none the less, still a pile. I took out the Fat 8th swap blocks I received from the Carol Doak group. I think I got them back around the 4th of July and just put them to the side since I was working on other things. Well, I had four blocks that were very different, but one fabric in common. I put a sashing between them, a border around them, had Paul help me take all the paper out, and got it basted all Tues night! It is ready to quilt and I don't have the perfect thread, so I'm waiting till I go to the Sewing Center tomorrow night for Sit and Sew to get just the right one. Last night we ran errands and then I was bushed.
Tonight I offered to make the Sausage Lasagna out of the new Taste of Home magazine. Paul thought that sounded bad, so I told him he had to cook then! He made regular lasagna, which was really good and hit the spot. While he was cooking I took the patterns for the Carol Doak Block of the Month and started working on them. I had zilch intentions of starting it, but she came out with the same pattern in a 6" version, so I decided sometimes I just need a small, can be done in a night project. I am making the out of the black/white scraps I have, so I won't have to buy more fabric. I got the BOM's done for Sept. and Oct. tonight!
Tomorrow night is Sit and Sew. I am going to put the mitered corner on my b/w quilt, pick out thread for the wall hanging, and get advice as to which purple fabrics I should use for my yellow brick road quilts and start cutting if I have time. I know I have way more than I need, but I need advice on all three, so better safe than sorry.


Nancy said...

Wow, you are really zipping around with your quilting! I still have my 4 F8 blocks waiting for me to make more. I want to do a large one in middle with these 4 and others surrounding them, and have fabrics selected for some of them, but no final decisions on them yet. And I have main fabric for this month and next months' BOM from Carol, but nothing assembled for Oct. I haven't tried the 6" size, but am working on a little paper-pieced wall hanging that is not Carol's design - each block is a 3" square. They only have 5 pieces so go together quickly. I'll post a picture on my blog when it is finished - or maybe before.

I'll be looking for your black and white blocks. The quilt is gorgeous!

jillquilts said...

Woo hoo for you!! It's nice to get something accomplished - no matter what the size!

I do the same thing - taking too much to work on - anytime I take anything anywhere!! I am set up for a retreat next weekend in Cleveland and am still running through my head what I want to take with me. I am sure it will be about double of what I will actually work on!

Jen said...

I always have too many projects with me! I can't help it.