Thursday, October 25, 2007

Anniversary Supper

Tuesday Paul and I celebrated 3 years of dating. We go out to eat quite often, but we never go anywhere fancy. We went to a place about 20 miles from home called The Fireside Inn. You eat by the fireplace and they have the best prime rib! It's outrageously expensive for our area, so we don't go there except maybe once or twice a year. They start with ham and bean or spicy clam bisque soup, then spinach salad with mushrooms and a special dressing or a house salad, dinner rolls, and then the meal prime rib with choice of potato. We never look at the menu, that's what we always have. Well my friend just happened to be our waitress and wouldn't you know they are out of prime rib! I thought Paul was going to die! He ended up having the New York strip and I had Filet Mignon, but still it just wasn't the same. We were both disappointed, but they did give us each a free dessert. Paul took me there on our 2nd date and it was the first time I was there. It is just an awesome restaurant. It's one of those only on special occasions, type of places.
Last night I had really good intentions of working on my term paper that is due next week. Well wouldn't you know we ended up going to wal-mart and supper, so it was 8 when we got home. I was too tired to concentrate on writing a paper! I'm hoping tonight that once I pack my stuff I can get a good start on it.
Tomorrow night is the Sewing Slumber Party at the Sewing Center. I'm planning to work on my b/w quilt and get it basted and hopefully baste the purple quilt too and then probably quilt one or both of them, depending on how long it takes me. We will have supper and snacks there and quilt from 6-midnight! Should be lots of fun, but I'm not looking forward to working at the store the next morning. After work I'm going to my parents for the weekend. Should be lots of fun, but a lot going on too.

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