Thursday, June 30, 2016

June OMG Goal Completed!

I feel like I finished by the skin of my teeth. I knew this month was going to be crazy and it turned out even crazier than I anticipated. We had one weekend at home, then went to my dad's to build a deck, Mikaela and I went with my Aunt Jane to Denver on a shopping trip, came home and repacked and went camping at Center Lake, then last weekend we were at a Pfeifer Family Reunion. This weekend we hoped and prayed to get a same day camping spot and we found one, so we'll be leaving to go camping again tonight.
Tuesday night was my only night home sewing this week, so I finished up the Good Night Irene quilt top. It's going to be a sample, but is made from all of my scraps.
Last night I finished my Goodnight Irene quilt top made from scraps. (Mom's rolling over in her grave I'm sure!)
My co-worker Steve was in Oregon a few weeks ago and bought me this bag at the quilt shop. His niece works there. It's so cool that he knew I would love it.
Only a coworker who knows me really well would buy me this bag on his vacation.  He actually went to the quilt shop to see his niece who works there, but still I'm tickled pink that Steve bought this for me.
I'm working on the Dangerous BOM with Gudrun Erla's facebook group and these are my first two blocks. The next one comes out on Tuesday. I love how these use up so much of my stash/ scraps but are cut small at 1.5" pieces, so I can use some of the smaller scraps.
My Dangerous Block of the month blocks so far. Next block comes out 7/5/16.
Last week in the hustle to get ready for the family reunion, I realized I hadn't made the baby blankets for the two new cousins. Louella and Sloane both got new baby minkee blankets.
Two super soft minkee blankets finally finished.
The decking is slowly progressing, but at least we can walk on it and run/play.
We got the top of the decking done this weekend. Mikaela did a happy dance.
On our trip to CO, I got to have supper with my good friend/former co-worker Pat in Loveland. We had such a nice quick visit, but it was oh so good to see her.
So excited that I got to see Pat Fox at her home in Loveland CO. We had a delicious supper and quick visit before going to Denver. We're back on the road to Loveland for more shopping today.
We've had so many fun adventures this month and they will continue next month, so not much sewing will be happening; however, camping vacation is coming and I plan to sew at least a little bit each day. Mikaela even got a couple of pieces to sew while we are on vacation too.


Sara said...

Looks like a fun past few weeks but you are probably ready for a few nights at home to relax. I like that scrappy quilt - very pretty!

Scrap and quilts said...

Congrats on finishing the top Good Night Irene. It is lovely. Enjoy the camping. ;^)

Heidi said...

I really love the Good Night Irene pattern, definitely on my bucket list! Hope you have fun camping!

KaHolly said...

Yay! for a finish!