Thursday, January 07, 2016

A Lovely Year of Finishes 2015 Goals Met

This year I was extremely successful in getting my finishes completed. The only one I didn't do, was September and that was because I forgot to post my goal, but I did accomplish the one I had set.

January - Make 2 minkee blankets for the cousins girls.
Fun minkee blankets for my cousins kids.
February - Finish the binding on the Star Quilt.

March - Finish my professional tote for our April cruise.
Finished my modified professional tote last week for my cruise carry on. Just 2.5 weeks!
April - Finish the top of the NACAA quilt
May - Thomas the train bag for Mathew
A Thomas the Train Sew Together bag for my little train man. He'll be so excited tomorrow.June - Finish the two NACAA quilts
So pleased with how this little wall hanging turned out. I have the binding machine sewn on the king size quilt and am ready to hand sew 420" of binding down.

One last picture of the quilt before it heads to the convention.  Paul helped me hang it up.
July- Bags for Mathew, Diane, & Kay
Another bag finished this week. This bag took on a life of its own as leftover fabrics were just being used as a test to figure out what size to make another bag. I love that I don't follow a pattern and just use the fabric I have to make it whatever size

Finished up my baskets earlier this month. The bags also got done,  goal met.  #alovelyyearoffinishes #alyof
August - Winter Wonderland Sample
Last night I put the Winter Wonderland top together.

October - Quilt and Bind Mikaela's Frozen quilt
Mikaela's Frozen quilt is bound and on her bed. She'll be excited when she wakes up tomorrow morning.

November - Make the top of  Ms. Carol's Christmas mustang BQ quilt
Quilt top #2 BQ quikt for preschool teacher for Christmas
December - Quilt and Bind Ms. Carol's quilt
A little quilting on this one today. Now to finish it before Christmas.

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I'm linking up for the final A Lovely Year of Finishes. It's been an awesome couple of years. Thanks so much!

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