Thursday, January 07, 2016

OMG 2016 January Goal

January's goal for the new OMG - One Monthly Goal is to finish the Remington quilt sample top. I have a fairly good start after a couple nights of sewing, but need to put 3 more borders on when I get home. I've traveled across the state for work this week and my sewing machine came along, I was able to get this far as well as make two huge backs, so I can hopefully quilt sometime this month.
Love how fast the Remington quilt top went together. Just have borders left, but have to wait until I get home for those.

RedLetterQuilts  I'm linking up with Heidi for the new OMG!


Jennifer said...

How nice to be able to take a machine when you travel for work!

Sara said...

How smart to take your sewing machine with you. I never think to do that but I'm not traveling as much as I used to either. Great accomplishments this year and all done while being a wife, mom to little ones, a new college degree and new job. Pat yourself on the back!!

Heidi said...

Great fabric, I hadn't seen that before. Thanks for linking!