Tuesday, July 07, 2015

July ALYOF Goal

This week I'm busy making bags and baskets. I've got several cut out and in progress. All this work... so I can do a demo tomorrow night at The Sewing Center. Super excited to show different interfacing and zipper techniques. I think I should have called it the Wing It Bag... I completely winged all these bags, using the fabric I had and made them work.  By the end of the month I should have three bags made! This will be a basket for Mathew. It's a half yard basket for his cars. So my goal is to complete all three bags. This one is the cut out and interfacing/fusible fleece/handles done prepped piece. The other two are ready for final seams, so they will be completed as soon as the demo is over or in the next week or so... Lots of good things happening this week. 
The count down begins tomorrow as it is my last week of work at National American University. After 10 years with the university I am taking a position as a program coordinator at the BHSU Rapid City campus working for SDSU - my alma mater. I am excited and nervous at the same time, but it's a great opportunity to advance my career and use my masters degree. I hate to leave my friends behind, but know that it will be worth it in the end. Next week at this time I'll be a Jackrabbit again!

Today I delivered the King Size Logo quilt for the NACAA National Convention to my SIL Adele to take with her to the convention. I am so pleased and proud of how it turned out. Now I hope it raises a lot of money for the organization.
One last picture of the quilt before it heads to the convention.  Paul helped me hang it up.
I even designed and embroidered a label for it.
And it's DONE! The NACAA quilt took right at 10 months to complete. It's 101" x 109", king size, with beautiful buffalo quilting by Marie Brewer.  It will make its way to the 100th anniversary NACAA national convention in Sioux Falls being held next week.
Here's a super cute picture of Mikaela at my brothers ranch... before their house got ruined by tornado like winds. They have to have a major portion of the house completely rebuilt and lost their new camper. Keep them in their prayers. I went down one night and helped them pack up their stuff. Praying the remodel goes quickly.
A quick stop at my brothers in Saturday and Aunt Adele helped her hold the kitten.  So precious!
Last weekend we took the kids to Storybook Island. It was so fun to see their reactions as they played on the toys I played on as a child.
The kids first ride on Storybook Island train.
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Heidi [Banks of Frog Creek] said...

Oh no! I'm sorry to hear that about your borther's house. Sending prayers. It's been a busy spring/summer for storms.

Sara said...

How scary for your SIL and family. This really has been a stormy summer.

Your kiddos just keep getting cuter. I remember the only time I met you in person, Mikaela was about 5 months old. She laid in the stroller smiling and playing with her feet. Now she's getting to be a big girl already.

Best wishes on that new position!!