Wednesday, July 29, 2015

ALYOF July Goal Met

I'm feeling quite proud of the accomplishments I had for this month. I finished these baskets for Mathew during my "stay cation" at Hart Ranch. The Buzz one needs a little bit more stabilizer as it is limp. The Cars one stays up pretty good. They make great baskets for gathering up the small toys in the camper.
Finished up my baskets earlier this month. The bags also got done,  goal met.  #alovelyyearoffinishes #alyof
I also finished this bag for my co-worker Diane. She was an office mate for the last few months, but we've worked together for 8 years, so I wanted to do something for her. She's always wearing the brightest heels.
Another bag finished this week. This bag took on a life of its own as leftover fabrics were just being used as a test to figure out what size to make another bag. I love that I don't follow a pattern and just use the fabric I have to make it whatever size
I couldn't leave out my co-worker Kay who I have worked with just as long and so when we were in town on our vacation, I picked up 2 half yard cuts and made her this fun little bag. From buying the materials to making the camper, it was done in a half day.
Not sure why I felt compelled to make this today, but it turned out pretty good.  Hope it makes a great gift to remember me by.
Mikaela loved pigtails one week, so she had them almost every day and wanted her picture taken. She was so fun this morning. One of my last at my old job.
Mikaela actually asked for pigtails for preschool today. Luckily we had time to do it this morning,  then she had to have her picture taken, which never happens.
Two weeks ago I started my new job with these... a hand made pottery vase and flowers with a car from my two co-workers. Such a great way to start the day. I am getting into the swing of the job, learning lots, and planning to head to Brookings next week for training, while the Rally is in full force here in western SD.
What a great way to start my new job! Excited to begin my new position as a Program Coordinator for SDSU. #gojacks
I am so excited that I was able to complete my 3 bag goal for ALYOF and I think I have done so far for every month this year. August is going to fly by with training's in Brookings twice and the fair. We're planning another weekend at Hart Ranch with family and hopefully a weekend at the lake. I am almost glad Labor Day is SO late this year... more time for summer fun.



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juliehallfeldhaus said...

Cute bags! There is a nice quilt shop in Brooking Quilts Stitchery and Frames on Main Ave. So take extra money:)