Saturday, February 28, 2015

ALYoF February Goal Met

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This months goal should have been an easy one, since it was just a queen size binding I planned to sew on by machine. I however was short of the dark purple I wanted to use for binding, ended up going to 4 different quilt shops looking for it. I finally gave up and used the border fabric that I only had about 19" of and needed 10 strips from, per my fabric calculator calculations. I ended up cutting the binding 1 3/4", sewing it with a VERY scant quarter inch and hand sewing it down.

I figured I had all the time in the world to sew it down at work this week, since it was really cold and we had some bad weather, so I don't like to leave at lunch. Throw in a few stressful situations, lots of discussions with my boss over lunch and I only worked on it two hours. Today was a very low key day at home, so I pulled it out and worked on it while the kids played and watched movies. Paul went ice fishing, so we mostly stayed home. Tonight I finished it up, in bed, while watching a movie after the kids went to bed. I am so happy to have it done. I gave my customer 2.28.15 as the deadline for when I would finish it, so it's nice to have it completed and ready when she's ready for it.

The binding is a wee bit narrower than I normally do, but it turned out to look very nice. Only problem... I only needed 9 strips, so I could have done 2" binding...grrr! This fabric is no longer available so I didn't want to chance it. Bad lighting, but it's a gorgeous quilt. I love the colors and I hope she will as well. Linking up for my February finish for ALYoF, February Goal MET!

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Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

Yay for a finish and making due with a creative solution too! It's a very pretty quilt.