Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Family Pictures Church Directory

Tonight we took pictures for the church directory. They turned out pretty good for two crazy kids, but I tried to get a quick few after we got home. They weren't very cooperative.
Church Pictures 2015-02-03 022
We used the timer on the camera, but it was kind of hit or miss.
Church Pictures 2015-02-03 010
Paul took one of me with the kids.
Church Pictures 2015-02-03 046
Mommy and Mathew
Church Pictures 2015-02-03 042
Our only one with all four in it. At least we coordinated, score one for mom!
Church Pictures 2015-02-03 031


Sara said...

I had to laugh remembering what it was like trying to get our kids to cooperate for a family photo at that age. Wasn't easy. Maybe that explains why we didn't do them every year.

Andee said...

Looking good! :)