Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Random Tuesday

This week has been rather random in my sewing. I keep jumping from project to project and not really getting a whole lot done to show for it. Last night I finished up 5 blocks for a Modern Log Cabin Cross block quilt my friends and I are making for charity. I am having a lot of trouble with these and I am not sure why. I keep running out of fabric when I get about half done. I think I'll have to do a few switcharoos with my friends so I can finish the others up. I need to make a few more too, but couldn't get started last night.

So I switched to this table topper that I am making as a sample for the store. It's turning out cute, but the directions and my seams are not matching up, so instead of pulling, I'm going to cut off the end of the red. I did the blues on Mikaela's machine and my quarter inch wasn't the best.

I started on the appliqued stars last night and got the first 4 done before calling it a night. They turned out pretty good considering it has been a long time since I have done any applique.

I used a blanket stitch on my Bernina and it is turning out great.

The other night the kids and Paul and I went to the park to play. Mathew loved crawling around on the equipment.
Mikaela was enthralled by the teeter totter.

Both kids loved the slides.

They even got daddy to go on the slide.

This weekend we went to the circus. Mikaela got to ride on the pony.

She loved the motorcycles flying through the air.

She was excited to get Minnie Mouse ears too.

It was a great weekend, but not real productive in the sewing room. We are working on a kitchen remodel, so a lot of time playing with the kids and trying to keep them out of daddy's way. Hopefully I'll get a few more projects completed this week. I don't teach this week, so I have an extra night of sewing at home.


Sara said...

That patriotic runner has a terrific look - love those appliqued stars and the scrappy blues and reds.

Don't worry too much about being too productive. You still get more done most weeks than most people.

Enjoy those kiddos and enjoy the spruced up kitchen.

Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation said...

I love the variety of the patriotic prints! This looks awesome!

:) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

Anonymous said...

Your flag table topper is wonderful! And your cross quilt is a great choice for a charity.