Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Mathew is 17 Months old

Some days it just works out to play outside and take pictures of the kids. Last night on Mathew's 17th month day we got to do a lot of playing. The kids with their Beep Beeps
Kids 2014-05-05 003
Mikaela picking up rocks.
Kids 2014-05-05 007
Mikaela picking flowers for mommy.
Kids 2014-05-05 008
Mathew playing with his beep beep.
Kids 2014-05-05 013
Mikaela running. She's constantly on the go.
Kids 2014-05-05 014
Mathew showing how well he can walk, even on rocks. He's taken off since he started walking a little over a month ago.
Kids 2014-05-05 016
He loves the slide daddy put on the swing set last week.
Kids 2014-05-05 020
He went down the slide a lot.
Kids 2014-05-05 023

The kids are growing so quickly! He's officially part of the time out club. He knows what is going on and how to get a reaction out of us. He's super cute though, so he gets lots of hugs and kisses.


Deb A said...

So cute! They do grow up so darn fast! Enjoy every minute. Climbing and sliding does tire them out pretty good.

Colleen said...

So stinkin' cute! I can't believe he's only 17 months, seems like he should be so much older!

Sara said...

Cutie patooties!