Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Quilty Sunday

This weekend was so nice, after a blizzard day last week and a snow day that was awful, it was nice to see sunshine and warmer temps. I was so excited to be able to get outside and enjoy the weather. It also meant Paul could finally work on the door for my dad's crawl space on his house. A trip to Dad and Ann's ranch means quilting for me!
First up on the agenda was Mikaela's Wanna Be a Cowgirl quilt. She helped me sew it this week and it went together so quickly on Friday night that I was ready to quilt it on Sunday. The front and back are a bit different, but they go together well. The back is minkee. It quilted up very nicely!

Here's the top after quilting. I used a warm and natural batting and pink/brown King Tut with a medium pink Bottomline. The quilt is 60.5"x 72.5". I stretched my limits with the minkee, so a bit of the seam is on the back.

Paul was still working, so I loaded my mom's Loralie quilt. This is the back. I used a dark red King Tut and red Bottomline. The sashing is all red hearts. I need to get my Loralie fabric stash out and figure out what will work for the binding.

This is the front. I loaded it sideways so it was a quick quilt for me to do. It's probably in the 60x70 range as well. I finished it up after lunch while Paul was taking a nap.

Since Paul was still sleeping, I loaded this Giant Starburst quilt top. It's made with Green Bay Packers colors and I'm not sure where it will go, but it will be done. It's backed with a scrap of minkee as well. I love to quilt with minkee as the backing.
Last night I trimmed up this one as well as the Pink one and started working on the binding. I'm so excited to have them done. I am down to only 2 BIG quilts left to quilt on the frame - Scrappy Swoon and Merry Go Round. It's time I got busy working on a few others.

I worked on my Scrappy Trip Around the World on Saturday night, but it was getting late, so only finished one. I have another ready to sew together. I also got partway finished with 3 Winding Ways blocks.

I felt so productive getting that many quilts quilted. I also got the Scrappy Swoon quilt loaded and it is ready to quilt when I get back out there. It's so nice spending time at my dad and his wife's house in the country. The kids get to play outside and spend time with grandpa and grandma, free of mom and dad, and I get to spend some time quilting. We had such an enjoyable time. After I finished quilting I helped them with their ipad and we did some stuff in the yard/garage. Such a fun day. The kids were exhausted and so were Mommy & Daddy.


Sara said...

Good for you! Lot's of extra time now that you are not working on homework every weekend.

Sounds like it was a "win-win" weekend for all. Love that cowgirl quilt. Very cute!

Deb A said...

Wow! I can't believe how much you always get done! Great job on the finishes.

Andee said...

Love the Packers colors! And the sewing chickies!

Heidi [Banks of Frog Creek] said...

Sounds like a great sewing day! Great finishes!!