Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My first attempt at Hand Quilting

Last night I stopped and picked up black thread to stitch my mystahhhhry quilt together with. I am doing my version of big stitch quilting. Since I don't know what I am doing, I'm winging it. So far I have two big triangles and 2 of the black ones done. I am not sure how much more I will do.  When I posted the picture on Facebook I said my mom was probably rolling over in her grave because I was hand quilting. When I first started quilting there there three cardinal rules I made for myself - No hand piecing, no hand quilting, and no scraps or stash. This little quilt covers all of those. I used scraps of my batik stash, hand pieced it, and am now hand quilting it. I would like to hand quilt my Rubic Star, so I figure if I can do this one I can do that one.
We've had a few nice days, so we let the kids play outside after daycare. Mathew's first time on the 4 wheeler and of course Mikaela had to be right there.

He's so happy all the time, but especially outside.

They love to play together and touch everything. We are waiting for it to warm up and stay that way, but that was not the case this week. It's been warm/cool/warm/cold/warm all week. This morning we got rain and cold wind. Spring will arrive, maybe in June?

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Sara said...

Their faces just light up, don't they? You have such cute happy kids.

Love the big stitch quilting on this. It adds a very modern touch to a modern looking quilt.

Actually your mom is probably smiling!!!