Wednesday, December 18, 2013

So Little Sewing

December has been so different for me. I just haven't been sewing and I am starting to feel it. I'm crabby and not myself when I don't get to relax. I did finally decorate my cubical at work, only to find out we'll be moving next week. This is a cardinal wall hanging mom made and I finished.
I also put out this cardinal table runner with my quilt shop and fabric shop Christmas houses on it. These houses just make me happy and I didn't have room for them at home.
Last night, after an especially bad day and feeling crabby and out of sorts, I made myself sew. I had matched up and marked all the half square triangles to make this western Swoon block. I Love this block and look forward to teaching it in the new year. It felt so good to make this and it took me right at 1.5 hours. It used to take me closer to 3 hours to get a block made, but now I have figured out how to press and match up the fabrics so they all go the right direction. I even chain pieced the entire thing.

So now that I have it completed I'm looking forward to getting my Day Break table topper done. I have it all cut out and ready to sew. I plan to cut out a mini professional tote at lunch. We'll see how that goes. At least I have all the fabric for it and just have to buy zippers.
I feel much better and more relaxed after sewing last night. I have a nasty head cold, but hopefully that will go away by the weekend. We've rescheduled Mathew's party, since we were all super sick last weekend.


Sara said...

Quilting is your therapy. Me too! It's amazing how much better we feel when we've had that chance to sew, even for just a little while.

Love that Swoon block done in western fabrics! Not all blocks are this versatile, but this one sure is.

Deb A said...

Hehe... I know when I am getting grouchy because my hubby tells me to go sew something! He knows =).
Glad you got some nice stress relief sewing time. Hope the cold clears up quickly - lots of fluids, vics vapor rub and the humidifier just like you do for the kids. Love the swoon by the way. What size is it?

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

Cute swoon block! I have been procrastinating terribly with my Christmas decorating... Finally started today. The good news is that new kitty has been very good with the tree but I think I'll leave the breakables off just in case!