Monday, January 14, 2013

UFO's 2013

This is the year of the UFO! At work we are doing a UFO incentive program and I took the time to develop a list of all my UFO's. There were over 50 which is a small number compared to some, but I didn't list any that are packed away in the crawl space, so I consider myself to have a lot! It's time to get them under control since I am having a hard time buying new fabric or patterns. So I made the list and then decided to see what my priorities are. I need deadlines and without them I am not so good at getting things done.
Last week I made up this deer diaper clutch for use in our Camo colored diaper bag. I love how it turned out and am so excited to have it finished. I made my brother and his fiancé one for their baby back in Dec. but in my rush to get theirs done before the shower I didn't make ours. I have had these ready since Sept. 2012.
Quilt 2013-01-12 002

I cut out this sign language diaper clutch back in July or Aug. of 2012 and although they only take a couple hours to make, I just never made it. I finished it up this past week as well. Check 2 off my list!

Quilt 2013-01-12 003

This Poky Little Puppy book I embroidered back in 2011, yet I never got it made. I had everything and just never took the hour or so to make it. It is done! Number 3! Quilt 2013-01-12 005

This is the inside cover of the book. Quilt 2013-01-12 006

In Nov. I made up a baby quilt top using this border fabric and finally got to use up the rest of it making 2 table runners. They are identical fabrics, but they are the opposite cuts, so they look totally different. I didn't have any motivation to finish, but did decide to gift one after I finished them. I love how they turned out and I just did the burp method with a bit of quilting. Two more off the list! Quilt 2013-01-14 003
This is the one I am giving away as a baby gift. It will kind of go with the baby room theme so she can use it however she likes.
Quilt 2013-01-14 005
Saturday night I got together with a group of my quilting friends. We celebrated with a sewing surprise party for Gaila's 40th birthday. She just knew she was sewing at this friends house, so was completely surprised and it was so much fun! I haven't laughed that much for a very long time. I also got a lot of sewing accomplished which was great.
Quilt 2013-01-12 014
We all made blocks for this "Gift" quilt for Gaila's sewing room. Her room is hot pinks and lime greens. She loved it and was completely surprised that we made her a quilt. Jenn put the entire quilt together and had us over to her new home for the party.
Quilt 2013-01-12 037
Gaila is pictured with the label Tammy embroidered and sewed on the quilt. We all signed it.

Quilt 2013-01-12 039
I love spending time with my quilting friends. They completely revitalize me and I get back in the groove of sewing. I've been doing a bit more now that I have a little area set up to sew in again. 5 UFO's completed, now on to finish a few more!

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Sara said...

Again you have amazed me! So much accomplished. I'm sure your friend loved that gift quilt because it is just the cutest thing I've seen in ages. And the signed label was perfect.