Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fast & Furious Weekend

Last weekend we were at my parents. My dad was in the community play. Don't Stop for Daisies. It was set in Britain. Three old ladies move into an old house, where the owner dies and they hide him in the dried up well. They have all escaped from the old ladies home and are believed to be dead. The handy man comes and inspects the well and finds the body. He's just seen the body. The old man is an uncle to the young girl. IMG_0007
She's convinced her uncle was murdered by the 3 old ladies and is freaking out. My dad is the policeman and it was at night, so he has his robe on.
The good dr. in his robe too. They think she's crazy because the old ladies gave her sleeping pills to shut her up.
The guys think she's just crazy so they aren't too concerned.
Paul and dad helped my bro & SIL tin the barn roof all weekend. Ed & Jessie came on Sunday for the play and Ed helped them finish up the barn. Paul and Ed were cutting the last piece to put on the barn.
Here the guys are installing the last piece.
 Paul rode down with my mom Fri. night, so they could get an early start on Sat. I worked on Sat. and then came down after work. We all went to the play Sat. night. My niece is just starting to say words very clearly, so when the guy had a gun she said uh oh. Then another time she said oh no. It was histerical! She would say it when it was dead silent, so everyone would hear her. When my dad came on stage she said papa.  The play was very funny and it's really great that the community comes together to put the performance on 3 times. On Sunday mom and I went with the guys and watched my niece. She's such a cutie. Mom played with her while I wrote my paper. I got a good start on it, but spent most of the night working on it after we got home. I got a 99% on it! I was so excited since it was my first paper for my graduate class.
This weekend I'm off work and hoping to sew for the greater majority of it. I need to start on my next paper, but I plan to do lots of sewing. It's retreat weekend and since I didn't go this year, I'll be sewing virtually with my blogging friends who are there. The use of IM and the webcam will keep us all up to date on our progress. I'm planning to work on a Grids & Grommets purse, my snowball blocks for the quilt along, and a binder cover for my school binder.

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Jen said...

I had no idea your dad was into theater! How fun!! I can't wait to sew virtually with you!!