Monday, April 12, 2010

Ez Bob

Several comments on my shop hopping post asked about the EZ Bob. It's a neat little tool that doesn't sell itself, but once you've seen it work, you have to have one! It's similar to thick plexiglass in appearance.
It has a little tab on it that slides down onto the hook of the metal bobbin case. It attaches there and stays on as the bobbin case is moved to the machine.
While I was quilting this tablerunner this weekend, I ran out of bobbin thread and had to wind a new bobbin. I attached the EZ Bob to pull it out of the machine by just sliding it in and pulling it out. It's about 6.5" long, so it goes into the bobbin case area easier than my hands do.
Then I filled my bobbin and am putting it back into place.
Once it's in, you twist it to the right angle and it comes right off.
Then I touched the bobbin case to make sure it was securely in position.
I just love how much easier it is to remove/install the bobbin with this handy little tool. It's called the EZ Bob, Handy Helpers from Golden Threads.


Jocelyn said...

What a very cool tool. I've never seen this before.

Barb said...

I have not seen this either....looks interesting..

Barb said...

Both of the machines I am currently using have top loading bobbins but having had the others, this could be a great tool!