Friday, January 22, 2010

Fancy Project Bags

Last year when I was working at the store, I bought a kit in a really nice plastic zippered pouch. I absolutely love it for putting my UFO's in or my WIP projects so I can keep everything together. I picked up another one, but they are $3-5 a piece and they aren't readily available any more. I like them a whole lot better than my empty sheet bags which also hold projects. I like them because my book will fit in along with the project. I always seem to be shifting projects into the nicer ones. Jen gave me the idea to make my own using vinyl by the yard. I bought 2 yards last weekend and with a coupon it cost me $3 for the vinyl. I bought a couple zippers and used one I had in my stash. I thought it might be cool to applique on the bags, but I wasn't sure if they would melt. Using the low setting on my iron and my applique pressing sheet, I was able to applique the letter on using steam a seam 2. I put the zippers in using the roller foot I bought several years ago. I made all 3 in about an hour and probably for less than $2 each. I was able to cut out 4 bags from one 14" piece, so I still have over 1 1/2 yards left. I'll definately be making more, but I wanted to make a few for friends first and then I'll make some for myself. Now that I know how to make them, I might have to make a few more for my quilt along buddies. I put all of my blocks and cut out squares in the small one and it's the perfect size to keep it all together for a few months.
Yesterday I drew out what my quilt is going to look like. I still might make it bigger, but at least I have an idea started and know how many more 2.5" squares I need to cut.
I used a couple different decorative stitches to stitch the letters on.
Thanks for the great idea Jen!

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Jen said...

Those bags turned out Great!!! I love em.