Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Monday was absolutely beautiful and I enjoyed the nice long drive up to school. I finally realized why I enjoy driving in the morning, it is so pretty. The sun was gorgeous. I also came to the conclusion that it was too nice to be inside. As I arrived at school and I thought about the day I came to understand why students don't want to be in school. It was hot, the sun was shining, and it was the most amazing day, at least weatherwise. Everyone has heard the term "senioritis", but what does that really mean? Freedom, laziness, spring, end of the year, cramming everything in, finally closing up loose ends? I believe teachers have the same only it's called teacheritis. We are awaiting the freedom of summer, trying to get all the curriculum in by the end of the year, closing up the loose ends we started at the beginning of the semester, enjoying the spring weather, and last but not least wanting to be lazy when it comes to grading. Most of the people I know would rather be out enjoying the nice weather than being in school, but the point of the matter is that we all have to be there, so we might as well accept it and quit complaining. Just think seniors only have 11 days and we only have 17 left! Plus we have Fri and Mon. off for spring break! If we had the same rainy weather for the next 3 weeks I don't think the -itis's of anyone - students, teachers, or SENIORS would be nearly as bad, but this is SD and these rainy days will soon end, thus the sun will come out and the -itis's will be back. So even though it is a common problem in every school, hopefully both the students and teachers will be able to handle just a few more weeks of the hot classrooms until we are free to enjoy the summer sun.

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