Thursday, April 28, 2016

OMG April Goal - Success!

My OMG goal for April popped up in an odd way. I was in the store, looking for something else on Tuesday, when my boss asked if I'd make a store sample Sew Together bag, before Saturday. I said sure and got to work. I cut it out on my afternoon break, started sewing that night and by the next morning was putting it together. I had a little boy with an earache, so I stayed home from work with him and it was done by early afternoon.  It turned out pretty cool and I have enough to make a mini one as well, which is cut out already.
New Sew Together bag sample for TSC. Just a few hours to get it made.
Inside of the bag.
The inside of my most recent sew together bag.
I also made myself a mini of the Sew Together bag. I just need to shorten the handles because they are a bit too long.
My new mini Sew Together bag.  I knew I'd find a way to use the hexie fabric I bought.
In other sewing this month, I have been very successful... Maybe not a lot of stash usage, but I've gotten a lot accomplished. I am traveling a lot for work next month and wanted a new bag, so I made an SDSU bag. It's a bit bigger than the Fuji Tote - 2" bigger each way, so my computer will fit and yet it still small enough to be a bag.
Last night I finished a new work bag/purse. It turned out pretty awesome and will get a workout next month.
I've been using already and I love it.
One of the former students in our program had twin girls, so I whipped up these minkee tag blankets before graduation to give them to her. They are made of 2 fat quarters. Super cute and super quick and fun to make.
Needed a quick gift for twin girls when I only had one blanket,  not the two I thought I had. I hope the mom will love them.
I also finished up this minkee/jelly roll quilt for the store. It's a sample and turned out super cute and so snuggly.
I made Mikaela a Dr. jacket and scrub pants to go with it. She's convinced she's going to be a Dr.
My biggest achievement was making my duffle bag from a ByAnnie pattern. I love the look, but not the way they are put together. Too much soft and stable to make it easy to sew. It turned out really well and I know I'll love travelling with it next month. I hope to teach a class on this bag in the fall.
I had lots of the accent fabric, so I bought other fabric to use with it.
Yesterday I finally got 1/4 of my table runner hexie project sewn together. It's turning out cool, but boy it takes a lot of work. I'm hoping this will keep my motivated to work on it. Don't you love the carpet at work... not.
In my quest to make a miniature for the quilt show, I decided to make a scrappy granny square project. It's made from 1.5" squares and the blocks are 4" finished. I have 16 finished and now I am trying to decide to sash or not to sash them.
Mikaela is getting so big and is at such a fun age. Kindergarten screening coming up next week.
Mathew just isn't in to having his picture taken on this morning.

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

OMG April Goal 2016

April is going to go by so quickly! I've got lots of goals, but nothing that was really pressing... until today. I need to get this Sew Together Bag sample done for the store ASAP as in, possibly by Saturday, so I am making it may April goal for OMG. It's not my style or fabric choices, but with a goal and a plan, I think I can get it done quickly!

New Sew Together bag in the making.

Monday, April 04, 2016

Stash Report March 2016

This month was kind of crazy in my sewing room. While March was a good month for finishes, it was also a month where I bought quite a bit! In my defense I bought backing/borders/binding for my SDSU Trip Around the World quilt at 50% off, so I just bought the rest of the bolt ... 11 yards. I also picked up a pretty pink/grey hexie fabric I had been eyeing on clearance for 60% off, 3 yards of that. Mikaela and I picked up a bunch of fat quarters at the Wall Quilt Guild Show. Mine were yellow/blues for my TATW and hers were pretty orange/teal/yellow/pinks with a flower print. I also picked up a purple and pink batik to make a bag. I cut three bags out for us, but didn't get them made because I was working on my scrappy TATW blocks.
I hope to have the top done before our preview party on Saturday. This weekend I worked on a minkee/jellyroll quilt. It's turning out awesome and should be my first finish of April.
My finishes included both mom and grandma's friendship quilts, a Loralie quilt, and Mikaela's Doc jacket and scrub pants.
Saturday we went to SDSM&T for their Dinosaur Extravaganza and the kids loved it! It was a beautiful day, so we walked around campus. My MIL works there now YAH!!, so she showed us around. The kids wanted their pictures taken. If they don't become Jackrabbits, Hardrockers would be a good school mascot for them to have as well!
If they aren't future Jackrabbits, they could be future Hardrockers.

Fabric bought this month: 25 yards
Fabric bought this year: 39.5 yards
Fabric used this month: 35 yards
Fabric used this year: 122 yards
Net Fabric used this year: 82.5 yards!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Oh Scrap & I May have a Scrap Problem

So... when I started quilting I was NOT going to have a stash and I was NOT going to have scraps... I was firm in my believe that I would make a project, then throw away the scraps. I would not buy more than I needed and I was NOT  going to become my mother. She had two sewing rooms, floor to ceiling full of fabric drawers. It took totes upon totes to get rid of it.
Then I started working at a quilt shop and then another and I started teaching classes and I started accumulating a stash and scraps. I'm still not a big fan of scraps, but I have found a few patterns that make them easier to deal with. I cut my scraps (smaller than a fat quarter) into these sizes - 2.5" x WOF strips, 5" squares, 2.5"x 5" bricks, 2.5" squares and 2" strips if that's all that is left. If I have 2.5"x 1/2 WOF I use those for Trip Around the World, so those are not cut up either.
So here's the pile I have been working from this month. I have a bunch of 2.5"x 18.5" strips that I am using to make a scrappy trip around the world. This one does not have a control fabric, which makes it very scrappy. I'm loving it so far and it's a great use of scraps. It's also super accurate to piece. The seams are nested so they take no pinning and are fast and easy. I sew a bunch of sets of 2 together, then I sew them into sets of 4 and then sets of six, then press and sew into a circle. I take them to work and cut them into 2.5" circles at lunch and then start taking them apart in the order they will go. They are then clipped together with mini binder clips and are brought home to sew together. I usually do about 15 blocks at a time (that's about all the patience I have for strata sets).
I'm playing with my scraps,  making trip around the world blocks.  Letting go of control is a challenge,  bug putting ugly together with pretty helps.
My first two blocks
My first two blocks of the scrappy trip around the world are done. I also sewed up 8 more strata sets, worked on pink/brown cowgirl blocks,  and made two bindings.  It was a productive night!
Then i added 3 more. The little one is for a different scrap project.
Extremely productive night at club sew. Three Trip Around the World blocks,  the start of Farm Girl Vintage block, 80 or so starts to X blocks, and 6 strips of cowgirl coin.
Then another 4
More Trip around the world blocks.  Seven more in the last week.
and another 4... plus I have 15 more setting ready to sew together. It's a slow process, but they go quickly when I work on them. I've made all of these this month.
Four more trip around the world blocks done last night, bring my total to 19 so far.
I started working on mini granny square blocks using up my Frolic strips, but have been side tracked by the TATW blocks. I've made six quilts from this line and this is the last little bit of scraps from it.

Last night's accomplishments included two more mini granny square blocks for a total of 6,  6 trip around the world strip sets, & 6 pink/brown cowgirl blocks. Working on three projects at once helps me feel like I'm not missing out on any of my current pr
I also worked on this pink cowgirl coin quilt that I am using up the last of those scraps. I usually like to keep my fabric lines together until there isn't enough for another quilt. In this case I've made 4 quilts from this line and this is the last one.

Pink and brown cowgirl coin rows done.
I'm also working on another quilt from MO Quilt Company using X & O blocks. It's using up my 2.5" squares and I sew them together at home or at my sewing night with friends and then I take them to work to trim off the corners and press. Then they are ready for me to sew when I get home. This is my leader/ender project, so it's taking quite a while to complete.
Trimmed up blocks before work today.  Love that I have all my small rulers and mat and small rotary cutters together to quickly take with me. Using my time wisely.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

OMG: March Goal Completed!

My March OMG was to finish my mom and grandma's Wall Quilt Guild Friendship quilts and donate them back to the guild at their Quilting Weekend. I was successful! It came down to the wire, but I got them both done. I think my mom would be happy they are both made into quilts.
Mom's friendship quilt is done! Two finishes this week and lots of blocks.
After quilting at dad's I got this picture. I spent one afternoon out there quilting them both up.
Quilted Grandma's friendship quilt today. March goals are staying on track.
Mikaela and I went to the Bed Turning with my Aunt Jane and my dad's wife Ann. Mikaela took her own quilts to show and talk about. She was so adorable.
Talking about our quilts at the Wall Quilt Guild Snibbles and Nibbles.
Grandma's finished quilt
Mom's finished quilt.
I've been participating in a bi-weekly Farm Girl Vintage BOW and this is the first block, Simple Star
My first block for the Farm Girl Vintage quilt is done. I used my SDSU Jacks colors since they are playing in the Summit League finals tonight.
Two weeks ago was Milking Pail. I like the pace of this and so far have been keeping up.
Farm Girl Vintage Milking pail block done for week 2 of our quilt along.
I made this Loralie Quilts quilt to use up mom's stash. I think it will go to my friend who's had a lot of health issues in the past year. She was also a friend of my moms.
I've been busily making scrappy trip around the world blocks. I'm planning to teach a class in June. I just love making these. The technique is so awesome and they use up a lot of stash scraps.
My first two blocks of the scrappy trip around the world are done. I also sewed up 8 more strata sets, worked on pink/brown cowgirl blocks,  and made two bindings.  It was a productive night!
Extremely productive night at club sew. Three Trip Around the World blocks,  the start of Farm Girl Vintage block, 80 or so starts to X blocks, and 6 strips of cowgirl coin.
More Trip around the world blocks.  Seven more in the last week.Four more trip around the world blocks done last night, bring my total to 19 so far.

Our Family at Easter. We're celebrating the life of my husband's grandpa this week, so a new suit was in order and the kids got new outfits as well, so we were really dressed up for mass on Easter Sunday morning. I got a new dress for our graduation next month, but it will work for all three events.

Monday, March 07, 2016

Oh Scrap & Design Wall Monday

This past week has been super productive. I've finished 7 mini granny square blocks, including these two the that I sewed up Friday morning before work. A change in schedule for our family means no one is sleeping when I get up except for the kids, so if I get up a bit too early, I can sew! I'm loving it, although I won't be getting up extra early every day. These are made from the last of my Frolic scraps. I've made 4 baby quilts out of this line. I just love the Frolic line, although I am not a huge fan of the orange.
These five were done as of Thursday night. I have nine laid out and enough, I think, to do 7 more for a 16 block quilt.
Last night's accomplishments included two more mini granny square blocks for a total of 6,  6 trip around the world strip sets, & 6 pink/brown cowgirl blocks. Working on three projects at once helps me feel like I'm not missing out on any of my current pr
Friday afternoon I took off and went to my dad's to quilt. I was able to quilt both this 16 block friendship quilt of my Grandma Elaine's blocks, which is 63" square. I plan to put binding on this week and donate them on Friday.
Quilted Grandma's friendship quilt today. March goals are staying on track.
I also quilted my mom's friendship block quilt which is 42"x 55". I ended up using her block in the center as I needed just one more. I'm sure the ladies who made the blocks will be interested to see them as I am sure their skills have improved in 12 years. These blocks were done in 2004.
Mom's friendship quilt was also quilted today. Lots of binding to get done this week.

This weeks goals include:
Bind Grandma's Friendship Quilt
Bind Mom's Friendship Quilt
Make 2 more Mini Granny Square blocks
Make 10 Trip Around the World Blocks

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Thursday, March 03, 2016

Scrappy Mini Granny Square

Last night I was feeling the need to work on a lot of different projects at once. I started sewing 2.5"x 18.5" strips together for a TATW quilt while the kids were watching cartoons. Mikaela decided to help me, which was actually a good thing. I had 5 piles of strips and she would randomly pull from each pile for me to sew them together. Since I struggle with scraps and things not matching, this took away my control and made it way easier to sew them.

When I did the batik TATW, I put them in groups of six fabrics and made a couple blocks at a time, being very careful with my fabric selections. This time I'm putting to strips together, sewing them and when I have a big stack, I put them into 3 sections of 2 and sew those together. I was able to get 7 done last night. Now that they are done, I bring them to work and cut them into 6 - 2.5" sections, then start ripping them apart at lunch, so when I get home, I am able to sew them back together. I love the sewing them back together part.

After the kids went to bed, I made two more mini granny square blocks. These are 4.5" finished blocks. I have 6 made and three more laid out. I think I may make 16 since I have enough scraps cut.

In between both projects I started sewing brown/pink cowgirl scraps into blocks. I'm doing 2.5"x5" bricks, which I sewed into 2's and now I'm sewing them into 4's. They are for a coin quilt, made with the very last of the Riley Blake pink/brown cowgirl fabric from several years ago. I've made at least 4 quilts out of the fabric so far.

Tomorrow I have quilting plans! I have two quilts I'd really like to get quilted, so I am planning to go to my dad's after work tomorrow. I think I can have both of them done in the 2 hours I am allowing myself to quilt.

Last night's accomplishments included two more mini granny square blocks for a total of 6,  6 trip around the world strip sets, & 6 pink/brown cowgirl blocks. Working on three projects at once helps me feel like I'm not missing out on any of my current pr

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

OMG March Goal

Looking at the calendar this month, it's pretty open right now, so I am hoping to get a lot accomplished. My OMG goal for this month is to finish my Grandma Elaine's friendship quilt. It's circa 2004 and the blocks were made by her quilt guild at the time. It's a very small guild and at the time there were only about 3 quilters in it who were in the intermediate/advanced category. It's an older group of women and at the time they were mostly beginners. My mom and grandma joined together for something to do together. When my grandma passed in 2006, my mom received her blocks. When my mom passed in 2011, I received both grandma's blocks and mom's blocks. I just couldn't throw them away, so I decided last year to sash them, quilt them, and donate them back to the guild to use as they see fit. This week I pieced my grandma's top, the backing and the batting. My goal is to quilt and bind this one as well as my mom's before March 11th when we are going to the guild trunk show. Mom's top/backing/batting are already done.

Grandma Elaine's Friendship quilt circa 2004 top is done. Blocks from the Wall Quilt Guild.
I'm using a VIP fabric for the sashing and backing. Mom must have gotten a good deal because she had over 10 yards of it! It's so thin though it won't be staying in my stash. I'll donate it for their quilts of valor project. It really reminds me why I don't like to "stash" away fabric for later. Colors, quality, and trends change. I want to be able to adapt and change to whatever I like at the time. This fabric is probably only a little over 10 years and to think I wouldn't be using it if it wasn't free says a lot! I'm really working to finish the UFO's and WIP's in my collection and the new quilts I'm starting are coming from my scraps. I'm starting to feel a bit more successful with my quilt making.

For those who have made it this far... a word of advice... DON'T wait 3 years to update your quilt journals! I seemly quit updating my quilt journals when I had to order new ones. I ordered 9 at the time. That was 3 years ago when my son was born. I haven't updated them since! Luckily I'm really good at updating Facebook and Flickr so I have a well documented list of the quilts I have made, but even so it's taking me days/weeks of lunch breaks to update them. Plus the cost of printing out all the pictures of all the projects I have made over the last 3 years is daunting. Add on top of that the fact that I haven't made photo albums for my kids for the past 3 years and it's overwhelming. BUT... I'm starting, I have a plan and I'm going to get all of these updated!


Monday, February 29, 2016

Monthly Stash Report, Oh Scrap! & Leap Day

This month went by so quickly, but luckily I did get to do quite a bit of sewing and quilting. I'm constantly coming up with new ideas and patterns I want to make. For instance at quilt guild meeting they were talking about miniatures and that the maximum size of a quilt block can be 4.5" for it to be considered miniature. I took this as a challenge and decided to do a mini quilt with my Frolic scraps. I cut them all into 1.5" squares at work one day, then laid them out another day, and on Friday night I spent time making blocks. I'll have to take the one in the lower right hand corner apart and change out the center as it must have gotten mixed up. I have 5 more laid out, but I think I have enough cut to make 16 blocks total. It's exciting making my scraps into a quilt. I only had to buy the background, so I feel like I'm getting away with an almost free quilt. I also have quite a bit of the stripe fabric left, so I think it will make an awesome bias binding.

Mini granny square blocks on my mini design wall. I made 4 Friday night.

I also finished up the Case IH quilt. The blocks are all scraps I had from my dad's Case IH quilt, the fabric my mom had in stash from circa 1996, and a panel. I did buy the red to go with it. It's a modified Sidelines quilt, as I used the technique, but made the squares my own 14.5" size, so they finished at 18.5". I hope my nephew will like it. I've decided age 4 is the appropriate year to make my kids and niece and nephews their "big kid" twin size quilts.
2nd quilt done this morning, for my nephew.
This month I also made a new Fuji Tote. I decided I wanted a new tote/purse I could use for work, but wasn't sure on the pattern, so I tested this one with some gold and green fabric. It's the perfect BHSU-RC fabric. I made it before the hockey game, but also took it to a reception at President Jackson's house. He even noticed it was in gold/green! 
Apparently I was so excited to use new BHSU-RC inspired Fiji Tote that I didn't take a picture of it. Even President Jackson liked it.

My monthly stash report looks amazing! I've been finishing a lot of UFO's and using up the stash. I'm feeling proud of all I've accomplished. I've got several scrap and stash projects planned or in the cutting stage, so I am really enjoying this stage of my quilting time. Some days feel like I have quilting ADD, but I also think of it as finally being creative again!

Fabric bought this month: 8 yards
Fabric bought this year: 14.5 yards
Fabric used this month: 36.5 yards
Fabric used this year: 87 yards
Net Fabric used this year: 72.5 yards!

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