Monday, August 01, 2016

July 2016 Stash Report

July was a phenomenal month for me! In addition to everything else I've already shared, I'm working on a couple other projects. This is a sample for my piecing and machine quilting basics classes. It's fun to make this from the kit I cut. I couldn't find the perfect border fabric, so I am going to the Sewing Center to get something at lunch today. I need to get it finished up before the 20th.

My piecing/machine quilting basics sample is taking shape, but I don't have the right fabric for the mitered border.
Good night Irene is finished with binding now. I plan to enter it in the fair and then it will be a sample for an event at The Sewing Center on Saturday September 10th.
Goodnight Irene is bound! It'll be a sample after the fair. is a new website we are working with at the store, so I thought I would give it a try. I printed out the pattern and taped it together. This weekend I cut out some test material. Of course, I didn't have quite enough, so I had to improvise and have a seam down the back and one through the middle back, but I am making it work.
I'm hoping to start this knit dress this weekend.  The pattern is ready.
This is my Trapeze dress so far! I only have the side seams and hem to do tonight. I am loving it, even though I am not a big fan of bias binding. If all works well, I am hoping to make myself a nightgown out of the pattern as well.
So far, so good. My free trapeze dress is almost done. Just have to finish the sides and hem. It fits too! is the link to the free pattern.

I'm really making some progress on using up my stash with this challenge. I have a few different dresses to finish and then all the new projects, except for samples, are coming from stash. I love using up what I have!

July Stash Report
Fabric bought this month: 3.5 yards
Fabric bought this year: 59.25 yards
Fabric used this month: 29.5 yards

Fabric used this year: 170.5 yards
Net Fabric used this year: 111.25 yards!

Friday, July 29, 2016


Have any of you heard of UpCraftClub? 

It's a new website that offers PDF patterns from several designers, but it's reaching out to brick and mortar stores and they work in partnership to help customers buy the fabric/notions etc. for the PDF patterns that are bought on their site.
 The PDF patterns are often cheaper than the paper ones sold in the store. I'm so excited that I bought the Creative Supply Maker case from Sew Sweetness. The site is super easy to use and there are a lot of free patterns as well. 
I'm making the Trapeze Knit Tank Dress, which is free! They have clothing, kids stuff, bags, quilts, and stuffed animals. It's a pretty cool idea and I'm excited to be able to finally buy PDF patterns and support my local store. The website is . All you have to do is set up an account and you can use your FB account if you would like. Then start browsing and let the inspiration begin. I've added a few I like to my wishlist so I can buy them later.
Let me know what you think!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

July 2016 OMG Goal Met

This month has given me a chance to get a lot more done than I ever anticipated. I was able to sew together the scrappy granny square blocks, quilt them, and get the binding on. I even had 2 weeks to spare! It's now a table topper for my desk at work.

Scrappy granny square table topper.
Paul took the kids to the races two nights this month, so I was able to get 3-4 hours each night of un-interrupted sewing time! I was able to finish this professional tote sample for the store.
An unexpected night to myself means I got to sew and finally finish this professional tote. I'll be teaching this class starting next Wednesday,  so sign up soon if you'd like to make one.
While we were on our staycation I was able to sew the top of the Cowgirl Coins quilt together. We went out to my dad's in the middle of the week and I got to quilt 4 quilts, including this one. I put the binding on this week and this scrap quilt is done!
I waited all day to post this for WIP Wednesday,  only to realize it's Tuesday. The Cowgirl quilt is finished!
I'm teaching a Bendy Bag class in November, so I made up a couple samples from scraps I had left over from other bags.
Tonight's Becca Bags! So fast, fun, and easy.  They are a great stash buster. I'll be teaching a class on them in November if you're interested.
I've been busy keeping up with the Farm Girl Vintage sew along. These are my first 15 blocks, 1 3rd of the way done!
My first 15 FGV blocks. I'm really enjoying this sew along.
While we were camping I attempted to start working on my Twist and Turn quilt. I was so confused! I spread it out on my aunt's island and got the centers for 4 blocks made. Once I realized how to make the blocks, I realized one of the pieces was cut incorrect x80! So I had to improvise. I still don't have the first four blocks made, but I have all 20 blocks made into block kits. Slowly but surely I'll get this quilt done or it will become something totally different.
At my dad's I quilted the Good Night Irene quilt.  I still need to get the binding on it... maybe tonight. I'd really like to count the finish in my totals for the month.
Quilted Goodnight Irene today at Dad and Ann's.
One night I finished 5 of these sweetpea pods. They are leftovers from bendy bags I made last year.
Five sweet pea pods finished tonight. Assembly line sewing. Only 15 or so more to go.
On Tuesday night while we were at Hart Ranch, we went and sewed with the Quilts of Valor quilters. I was able to cut out and get about 1/3 of the blocks made. It felt good to do this charity quilting.
Tonight Jane and I sewed with the Hart Ranch Quilts of Valor ladies.  A fun group and the kids were so good.
We had so much fun during our week at Hart Ranch. We did play mini-golf and swim a lot as well as drive around in the golf cart with my aunt. A very relaxing week of vacation!
Mini golfing with a Jackrabbit! Once a Jackrabbit, always a Jackrabbit.#sdsu #sdstate

Friday, July 08, 2016

Starting Strong in July & June stash report

July is starting strong for me, at least in the block building. I cut out the 4 FGV blocks while we were camping, so when the kids went to bed early on the 4th, I was able to sew them up. I can get so much accomplished when I pre-cut and don't do it at home.
I was anxious to sew the Dangerous Block 3 Jesse James but didn't have enough time to get it cut out at work, so Wednesday night I cut all the pieces out and started sewing. Last night I finished it up. I'm loving how this fabric is using up my brights and most of the small pieces.
Dangerous Block number 3.
These are my 3 blocks so far. If you're interested in joining the free block of the month, join Gudrun's Crew Facebook page. They are released on the 5th of the month and we're only 3 blocks in, so easy to catch up.
Love my Dangerous blocks so far. These are not quick or easy, but they are precise and use up my small scraps that I normally wouldn't keep.
Back in January, I made these blocks partially to show step by step how to make them. They were returned to me and I've been using them as leader/enders while sewing blocks to put them together. Now they are all done and I'm going to put them into a table topper or runner. I'm not sure which one yet.
Four scrappy granny squares.
I want it for my desk at work, so I'm also considering the table runner that could drape over.
Table runner or table mat?
Last night Paul took the kids to the races for a special event. I was tired from work and didn't really want to go, so I stayed home. Oh boy! I had so much time to sew! I cooked, cleaned, and got the kitchen shaped up, watched the news, and it was only 6PM! So off to the studio I went. I finished up the Dangerous block, two of the granny square blocks, and cut out the interfacing and fused it on the professional tote I am making. The cutting and fusing seemed to take forever, but I did get the front pocket made. It's a start. I feel like I made so much progress last night. This weekend I hope to sew more on the professional tote, but I also have to get the bags packed for a week of camping at Hart Ranch. We'll be staycationing there and doing some fun activities. We'll have electricity, so I plan to do a bit of sewing!
My stash report for June is pathetic! I only finished 2 minkee blankets for the cousins kids and nothing else... I did do a few FGV and Dangerous blocks, but won't count them until I am done. I really hope to get a couple finishes this month, if I schedule a quilting day at dad's, I might get the chance.

Fabric bought this month: 7 yards
Fabric bought this year: 55.75 yards
Fabric used this month: 2.5

Fabric used this year: 141.5 yards
Net Fabric used this year: 85.75 yards!

Thursday, July 07, 2016

July OMG Goal

Since the last two months have been rather slow in the sewing departments, I wasn't really even sure what I should set as a goal for July. I'm planning to enter a few things in the fair, so I thought I would try to finish up this granny square quilt I started back in February or so. It's blue and yellow scraps that I was going to do a 4 patch with, but I might add some borders and make it a table runner for my office. I had one that got lost, so I am in the process of re-making it. I hope to finish these blocks into something so I can put it in the fairs next month.

Granny square

I'm also hoping to get to do some sewing and quilting next week while I am on vacation. We'll be spending it at a camping resort, but I'll have my sewing machine, so I hope to do some sewing. We might even go to my dad's one day and do some quilting, but we'll see what happens. I need to have a couple things ready to quilt if we're going to do that. Time to start planning and packing. Sunday will be here before I know it.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

June OMG Goal Completed!

I feel like I finished by the skin of my teeth. I knew this month was going to be crazy and it turned out even crazier than I anticipated. We had one weekend at home, then went to my dad's to build a deck, Mikaela and I went with my Aunt Jane to Denver on a shopping trip, came home and repacked and went camping at Center Lake, then last weekend we were at a Pfeifer Family Reunion. This weekend we hoped and prayed to get a same day camping spot and we found one, so we'll be leaving to go camping again tonight.
Tuesday night was my only night home sewing this week, so I finished up the Good Night Irene quilt top. It's going to be a sample, but is made from all of my scraps.
Last night I finished my Goodnight Irene quilt top made from scraps. (Mom's rolling over in her grave I'm sure!)
My co-worker Steve was in Oregon a few weeks ago and bought me this bag at the quilt shop. His niece works there. It's so cool that he knew I would love it.
Only a coworker who knows me really well would buy me this bag on his vacation.  He actually went to the quilt shop to see his niece who works there, but still I'm tickled pink that Steve bought this for me.
I'm working on the Dangerous BOM with Gudrun Erla's facebook group and these are my first two blocks. The next one comes out on Tuesday. I love how these use up so much of my stash/ scraps but are cut small at 1.5" pieces, so I can use some of the smaller scraps.
My Dangerous Block of the month blocks so far. Next block comes out 7/5/16.
Last week in the hustle to get ready for the family reunion, I realized I hadn't made the baby blankets for the two new cousins. Louella and Sloane both got new baby minkee blankets.
Two super soft minkee blankets finally finished.
The decking is slowly progressing, but at least we can walk on it and run/play.
We got the top of the decking done this weekend. Mikaela did a happy dance.
On our trip to CO, I got to have supper with my good friend/former co-worker Pat in Loveland. We had such a nice quick visit, but it was oh so good to see her.
So excited that I got to see Pat Fox at her home in Loveland CO. We had a delicious supper and quick visit before going to Denver. We're back on the road to Loveland for more shopping today.
We've had so many fun adventures this month and they will continue next month, so not much sewing will be happening; however, camping vacation is coming and I plan to sew at least a little bit each day. Mikaela even got a couple of pieces to sew while we are on vacation too.

Friday, June 03, 2016

June OMG Goal

June is going to go by so quickly. I think my sewing machine is starting to feel lonely! My goal is to finish my Good Night Irene quilt top.
While I was traveling in May for work I took along Mikaela's machine and pieced 16 patches and X blocks. I think I've got all the X blocks done and just a few of the 16 patches ready to sew together. They are currently in 4 patches. I started this quilt as a leader/ender project using the Briar Rose pattern, just making 4 patches of 2.5" squares.
Then we were challenged at work to create scrap quilts and pre-cut quilts using the same pattern from a book, so I started looking and there are a lot of versions of this quilt.
I decided to do the Missouri Star Quilt Co. pattern Good Night Irene. These three photos show my blocks so far. This month my goal is to get these into a quilt top.
Here's a picture from our recent family trip to MO. We had lots of fun!

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Stash Report May 2016

This month got away from me and I knew it would! I traveled to Omaha, NE for a Regional NACADA conference for work. I was so lucky that Colleen could meet me for supper and visiting one night while I was there. We had an awesome time catching up and it was like spending time with an old friend, although it was the first time we met in person. We've been blogging friends for over 10 years.

Colleen and I met for the first time tonight in Omaha. Blog friends for 10 years. Spending time together has been awesome!

I put the blocks together for my mini granny square quilt and was able to get it quilted and bound and ready to go into the quilt show this weekend.
Mathew and I went to the quilt shop one day and he "needed" this fabric, so I made him a small bag to take to grandpa and grandma's house. I used the Buzz & Woody fabric on the inside, so it is reversible.
While I was traveling I was able to sew a few more blocks for my Goodnight Irene quilt (which started out as Briar Rose). It's been a leader/ender quilt for years, but I've started working on it while I travel so I can get it closer to completion.
These are the blocks I made when I was in Brookings later in the month for a work retreat.
I'm slowly, but surely getting closer to having enough blocks. I've been making a few at a time, so it's moving forward.
I was able to finish up my gingham block for the FGV quilt along I am doing, but I got 2 blocks behind at the end of the month. Time to get caught back up.
We spent Memorial Day weekend in MO visiting my husband's family and went to Bass Pro Shops.


Needless to say... I didn't get much sewing done and only 2 finishes, so not much to show for it. I did get to a few quilt shops, but kept my fabric purchases at bay, so I did pretty good.

Fabric bought this month: 5.75 yards
Fabric bought this year: 48.75 yards
Fabric used this month: 3.75
Fabric used this year: 139 yards
Net Fabric used this year: 90.25 yards!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 2016 OMG Goal Finished!

My May OMG goal was a big challenge for me. I just didn't have much sewing time to work on it and I really felt rushed to complete it. I decided to forego the sashing and just sew the blocks together. I'm glad I did because I would have run out of room for the backing piece I had left. This was made entirely of my Frolic scraps. It turned out super cute and now I want to make an even tinier one with the rest of my scraps.



Monday, May 02, 2016

Stash Report April 2016

Is it May already? It's going to fly by. Last night I had an hour to finish up this mini sew together bag for a store sample. It turned out super cute and I think it will be great to show at the class I am teaching on Wednesday night. I love the Sew Together bag and I've gotten pretty quick at making them. I don't even have to read the directions anymore.

Mini Sew together bag.  I'll be teaching the Sew Together bag on Wed. May 4th if you're interested in making it.
Just two pockets and a narrower bag makes the mini unique and a great portable size. I have mine ready for my hand sewing.

Mini Sew Together bag inside.

My stash report is looking pretty good so far. I really didn't finish a whole lot, mostly bags, but they were all ones on my to do list. I also finished the minkee jelly roll quilt. I'm hopeful to get a few tops pieced in May, so not a lot of yardage used, but at least the tops will be done.

Fabric bought this month: 3.5 yards
Fabric bought this year: 43 yards
Fabric used this month: 13.25 yards
Fabric used this year: 135.25 yards
Net Fabric used this year: 92.25 yards!

OMG: May 2016 Goal

May is going to be a super crazy busy month for me! I'm traveling to Sioux Falls, Omaha NE, Brookings, Fort Scott KS & Kansas City & Springfield MO areas. It's going to be crazy busy with two work trips and a family vacation to see family. I'm planning to take my machine for one of the trips, but the others I won't have time or space to sew. I've entered my mini scrappy granny square quilt in the quilt show in June, so I need to finish it up. I'm hoping to decide on a layout soon and get it sewn together. I'm still debating whether I want to use a sashing or not. It's going to be my goal for May for OMG.

All 16 scrappy granny square blocks. Now how do I set them?

Design Wall Monday

This week has been busy to say the least. There were lots of things going on, including teaching a class on Tuesday night. I did squeeze in some sewing time to make the block of every other week from the Farm Girl Vintage quilt along I am participating in with a group of friends. This is the Baking Day block. 

I'm in the final stages of making a mini scrappy granny square quilt. The blocks are 4". I just need to decide if I am doing sashing or not and if so how wide to do it. I need to get on this one as I plan to have it in the quilt show in June. It's made with Frolic scraps and a cream background.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

OMG April Goal - Success!

My OMG goal for April popped up in an odd way. I was in the store, looking for something else on Tuesday, when my boss asked if I'd make a store sample Sew Together bag, before Saturday. I said sure and got to work. I cut it out on my afternoon break, started sewing that night and by the next morning was putting it together. I had a little boy with an earache, so I stayed home from work with him and it was done by early afternoon.  It turned out pretty cool and I have enough to make a mini one as well, which is cut out already.
New Sew Together bag sample for TSC. Just a few hours to get it made.
Inside of the bag.
The inside of my most recent sew together bag.
I also made myself a mini of the Sew Together bag. I just need to shorten the handles because they are a bit too long.
My new mini Sew Together bag.  I knew I'd find a way to use the hexie fabric I bought.
In other sewing this month, I have been very successful... Maybe not a lot of stash usage, but I've gotten a lot accomplished. I am traveling a lot for work next month and wanted a new bag, so I made an SDSU bag. It's a bit bigger than the Fuji Tote - 2" bigger each way, so my computer will fit and yet it still small enough to be a bag.
Last night I finished a new work bag/purse. It turned out pretty awesome and will get a workout next month.
I've been using already and I love it.
One of the former students in our program had twin girls, so I whipped up these minkee tag blankets before graduation to give them to her. They are made of 2 fat quarters. Super cute and super quick and fun to make.
Needed a quick gift for twin girls when I only had one blanket,  not the two I thought I had. I hope the mom will love them.
I also finished up this minkee/jelly roll quilt for the store. It's a sample and turned out super cute and so snuggly.
I made Mikaela a Dr. jacket and scrub pants to go with it. She's convinced she's going to be a Dr.
My biggest achievement was making my duffle bag from a ByAnnie pattern. I love the look, but not the way they are put together. Too much soft and stable to make it easy to sew. It turned out really well and I know I'll love travelling with it next month. I hope to teach a class on this bag in the fall.
I had lots of the accent fabric, so I bought other fabric to use with it.
Yesterday I finally got 1/4 of my table runner hexie project sewn together. It's turning out cool, but boy it takes a lot of work. I'm hoping this will keep my motivated to work on it. Don't you love the carpet at work... not.
In my quest to make a miniature for the quilt show, I decided to make a scrappy granny square project. It's made from 1.5" squares and the blocks are 4" finished. I have 16 finished and now I am trying to decide to sash or not to sash them.
Mikaela is getting so big and is at such a fun age. Kindergarten screening coming up next week.
Mathew just isn't in to having his picture taken on this morning.