Tuesday, November 24, 2015

ALYOF November Goal Accomplished

November has been a very successful month for me! I did a lot of preparation for quilt retreat, thus not much to show throughout the month, until after retreat this weekend. I had the best weekend sewing with 7 of my close quilting friends. I pieced the mustang quilt top, which is a gift for our preschool teacher. It turned out really cute. This was my goal for ALYOF for November, so I feel great that I got it finished.
Quilt top #2 BQ quikt for preschool teacher for Christmas
At retreat I also made Mathew a Toy Story bag. His sister has a lot this size, but he's been in need of some for his trucks and cars.
A new toy bag for Mathew. Third finish of retreat
I finished this leader/ender project I have been working on for a few years. It's about 80" square, so a good size quilt. I hope to make this into a quilt to give away, when the need arises.
Fourth finish of the weekend. Batik jewel box quilt.
My big accomplishment was finishing the Trip around the world top. I've also been working on this one for several years. I love how it turned out. I was one block short, but decided to piece the top and make the other block at home, since I hadn't brought the fabrics, just the done blocks. I found the "extra" fabrics this morning and realized I had enough for 5 more blocks. Not sure why I hadn't made more. So glad I have enough of the center yellow to make the last block. This is a Bonnie Hunter Scrappy Trip Around the World pattern, with a control strip of light yellow. It is all scrap batiks.
Fifth, almost finished top. I'm one block short, but calling it done for now.
The Strip Lash quilt by GE Designs was my major project this weekend. It took me over 12 hours to piece and is 80"x 81". It's a quilt for my MIL, but I am not sure when I'll get it quilted. It is much more gorgeous in person, with the shimmer and sparkly glitter and silver glistening.
The Strip Lash quilt top is done! This quilt took me all afternoon and night to piece together.  #gedesigns
This was a random project I kind of put in at the last minute, but it is the friendship blocks from my mom's Wall quilt guild back in 2004. I just put a simple sashing on them. It will be quilted up as a comfort quilt. I also have my grandma's friendship blocks from the same guild exchange, but I ran out of time. I am going to put them in the same type of setting, although they are larger at 12", these were 10".
Mom's friendship block quilt. Last finish of the weekend. Six quilt tops and a bag done this weekend.
I also made this BQ4 quilt from my mom's stash of Loralie Design fabrics. It turned out pretty cool. Again, it has no destination, but will be quilted up for when I need a quilt to give away.
My first finish,  a Loralie Designs quilt top, made from mom's stash.
Before retreat I made this mustang Bendy bag for a guy I work with to give to his daughter. It's a bit super sized as I used most of the fat quarter.
Super sized Bendy bag from 2 fat quarters. Love the Nt. Rushmore and mustang.
Before our trip to MN another roommate decided to join us, so I had to make her son a bendy bag as well, so I whipped this up before we left. His parents are big snowmobilers.
Another Bendy bag finished after a great Sew Together bag class tonight. Love teaching!
So it's been a very successful month of sewing. Paul got his deer on Saturday, so I am unsure what we'll be doing this weekend. I had hoped to go to dad's and quilt, but we'll see if that happens.

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

November ALYOF Goal

This year I am going to quilt retreat in November with my quilty girlfriends, thanks to my Aunt and Uncle who are watching the kids while Paul hunts. I've been making lots of preparations to get quilt tops done. My November goal for ALYOF is to make this BQ quilt top for my kids preschool teacher. She love mustangs and is in the mustang club, so I am sure she will love it. If I can get the top done, I'll be really happy, but if it gets quilted I'll be even more excited.
Mustang quilt cut out and ready to sew. Hope to finish the top for #ALYOF  November goal.

I've been Bendy Bag crazy in my studio, making these bags like the are going out of style. This is the 11th one, Thomas, made for a college roommates son.
Another Bendy bag,  this one a little bit bigger as an experiment. I'm hoping the little Thomas fan will love it.
A star wars one for another college roommates son.
My tenth Bendy Bag! Made for a special little boy. It glows in the dark!
Frozen ones for the girls. These are so fast and easy! I made three... chain pieced in an hour.
Three more Bendy Bags, all Frozen, so I could chain sew them. They will make great gifts.
My office mates and I dressed up for Halloween. It was simple yet fun. Since no one else dressed up, at least a few of us did.
Weary have been the only ones to dress up, but we dressed up in style!  Our fun M&M costume. Rachael, Moneik, Becky, & Susie
I'm linking up with Sew Bittersweet for the November ALYOF goal setting party.
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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

October Goal A Lovely Year of Finishes

This has been an awesome month for me! I've completed so many quilts it isn't even funny. First up is my big finish for A Lovely Year of Finishes. Mikaela's Frozen quilt top was quilted and bound and she loves it! She sleeps with it every night. The soft Frozen Minkee on the back makes it warm and cozy. This was my October goal for ALYoF.
Mikaela's Frozen quilt is bound and on her bed. She'll be excited when she wakes up tomorrow morning.
In addition to finishing my goal for ALYOF, I was able to finish several other quilts. I had a quilting marathon at my dad's house over the long weekend. I finished Mathew's Toy Story quilt, including the binding on it.
Mathew's Toy Story quilt is done and he's sleeping under it tonight.  Sidelines by Maple island quilts
I started making Bendy Bags and couldn't stop. I made one for me and one for a co-worker/friend who is leaving.
Because I can @cre8tivequilter ! These turned out as super cute Bendy bags!
One for Mikaela to put her My Little Pony's in.
A Bendy bag for Mikaela.
Mathew got one made from scraps of his Train fabric.
One Bendy bag done from scraps for Mathew.
I made Ann a new horse purse.
This might just be one of the best purses I've made in a while. My dad asked me to make it, so with a few scraps and 1 new piece, this was born.
A Toy Story Bendy Bag for Mathew.
The other side of the bendy bag.
Since Club Sew has been all about miniatures, I made this miniature rail fence with scraps from the larger rail fence I made last month. This was so quick and easy and I just love miniature quilts.
Miniature rail fence quilt made from left over 2.5" ×4.5" subcut pieces of larger rail fence. Bound with backing.
I also made a miniature granny square block. The binding was not fun on this, but it is done!
It's a miniature granny square!
I finished the second baseball star quilt. This is the scraps from the first one I made a few months ago.
The 2nd eight point star from leftover baseball fabrics is done. Love how it turned out! #goroyals
Another Bendy bag for a co-worker who is leaving.
One more Bendy bag down, a few more to go this week.
Mathew's Tonka truck quilt is almost done. Just the binding left to sew and I have to administer another test on Friday, so it should get done then.
Quilted track for Mathew, just need to finish the binding.
My biggest accomplishment was finishing my mom's first quilt, made with scraps from shirts she made my dad. I think she took this class in 1985, so the fabric was sheer and I did a wobbly back and forth line across, similar to what she might have done. The binding is on and I was able to sew it down a few weeks ago.
Oldest UFO ever! Mom's first quilt, 1985, quilted and bound.
While we were at the ranch the kids got to ride in the tractor with grandpa. They loved it! They did it the next weekend too and were in heaven. So fun to see them playing out in the country.
The kids got to ride with Grandpa Hugh in the tractor to move bales this weekend.
I'm linking up with the ALYoF Finishing party for October. There are still a few days left and I have 7 more Bendy bags cut out!

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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

October goal ALYOF

This weekend for the first time in 10 years, I have this 3 day weekend off. I haven’t had Native American Day off, so I'm looking forward to it. We plan to work on my dad's deck, but that also means I'll be at my dad's house,  where my quilt frame is, so I plan to have a quilting marathon. I have 4 quilts prepped and ready. My October goal is to quilt and bind Mikaela's Frozen quilt.

Monday, August 31, 2015

ALYOF August Goal Met!

Just as the month is coming to a close, I finished the Winter Wonderland quilt top, which was my ALYOF goal for August. It's a sample for the store and turned out pretty cool, just very time consuming and a lot of little pieces. So glad it is done and I can move on to other projects. I did get quite a bit done this month, considering how much I traveled.
Last night I put the Winter Wonderland top together.
I also made this fun little baby quilt using 8 fat quarters. It's super simple, yet is good practice for doing Y seams. I quilted it with baseballs. I'll be teaching the class in a few weeks.

Baseball 8 point star quilted today. It turned out super cute.
While I was on my first work trip this month, I pieced this rail fence. It's scraps from quilts I made about 5 years ago. Friday while I was at my dad's I quilted it up. It'll make a nice baby quilt.
Scrappy rail fence quilted.
The leftover pieces went into this quick little doll blanket, which also got quilted at dad's last week.
Scrappy twirl quilt is quilted.

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Friday, August 07, 2015

August ALYOF goal

This month is going to fly by since I have 2 work trips, the fair, and camping planned. Plus there are visits with each of my college roommates. My goal is to finish the stars of winter quilt top sample. Linking up for the AYOLF goal setting party.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

ALYOF July Goal Met

I'm feeling quite proud of the accomplishments I had for this month. I finished these baskets for Mathew during my "stay cation" at Hart Ranch. The Buzz one needs a little bit more stabilizer as it is limp. The Cars one stays up pretty good. They make great baskets for gathering up the small toys in the camper.
Finished up my baskets earlier this month. The bags also got done,  goal met.  #alovelyyearoffinishes #alyof
I also finished this bag for my co-worker Diane. She was an office mate for the last few months, but we've worked together for 8 years, so I wanted to do something for her. She's always wearing the brightest heels.
Another bag finished this week. This bag took on a life of its own as leftover fabrics were just being used as a test to figure out what size to make another bag. I love that I don't follow a pattern and just use the fabric I have to make it whatever size
I couldn't leave out my co-worker Kay who I have worked with just as long and so when we were in town on our vacation, I picked up 2 half yard cuts and made her this fun little bag. From buying the materials to making it...in the camper, it was done in a half day.
Not sure why I felt compelled to make this today, but it turned out pretty good.  Hope it makes a great gift to remember me by.
Mikaela loved pigtails one week, so she had them almost every day and wanted her picture taken. She was so fun this morning. One of my last at my old job.
Mikaela actually asked for pigtails for preschool today. Luckily we had time to do it this morning,  then she had to have her picture taken, which never happens.
Two weeks ago I started my new job with these... a hand made pottery vase and flowers with a car from my two co-workers. Such a great way to start the day. I am getting into the swing of the job, learning lots, and planning to head to Brookings next week for training, while the Rally is in full force here in western SD.
What a great way to start my new job! Excited to begin my new position as a Program Coordinator for SDSU. #gojacks
I am so excited that I was able to complete my 3 bag goal for ALYOF and I think I have done so far for every month this year. August is going to fly by with training's in Brookings twice and the fair. We're planning another weekend at Hart Ranch with family and hopefully a weekend at the lake. I am almost glad Labor Day is SO late this year... more time for summer fun.