Monday, December 17, 2018

Quiltville Mystery Quilt Clue #4

This week I'm a bit behind with Clue 4 of the mystery quilt at Quiltville. I used my Stripology Squared ruler and cut out all the strips I would need on Friday at lunch. I was able to get them all cut out and make sets of 4 so I could easily piece them together.

 This is how they still look this morning. I didn't get any sewing done this weekend and what very little I did last night was on the last few teacher gifts that need to be gifted this week. I thought I would get up early and sew, but I ran out of time.
 Yesterday was the kid's program at school. They did a great job. This is our family picture from the event.
 The kids had different parts. A little sheep and an angel did a great job.
 On Friday I was cheering on my Jackrabbits in the Semi-finals. They didn't win but played well. This is my favorite quilt made by my mom. It was her last one she finished and I hang it up every Christmas.
 I made little Sweetpea Pods for the religion teachers for Christmas. The went together so quickly.
This week is going to go by quickly with all the programs, parties, and fun Christmas events. I hope to squeeze in just a bit of sewing time. I'm linking up with Bonnie Hunter for the Quiltville Mystery.

All my clue 4 units are cut and ready for the next clue to come out on Friday. I'm so happy with how caught up I am staying on this mystery.
 I cut a bunch more HST units for Clue 3 and last night I sewed all of them up. Today at lunch I'll trim them up and be ready to go on to the next clue.
 My stripology ruler saved the day again. I quickly cut out all of the units for Clue 4 after I had them pieced. With the lines marked to cut, I was able to cut 10-15 units out with one ruler. It was super slick.


Sara said...

Awesome family photo. And you are way ahead of me on the mystery quilt. I've printed the clues and gathered a few fabrics, but will have to wait until after our Christmas celebration this weekend to do any more sewing.

I'm sure that hanging your mom's quilt every year gives you a warm feeling of having her near.

Vireya said...

Your sheep and angel look very sweet!