Tuesday, December 19, 2017


2018 Planning Party
It's time to join the 2018 Planning Party at quiltingJETgirl and I'm excited to start thinking about my goals for next year. I started 2017 really strong, however, the death of my husband's grandpa in August really threw me for a loop. We've been doing a lot of stuff (that needed to be done) around the house and I just haven't been sewing. I'm ready to start fresh and with less planned on the weekends, I hope to be able to sew more.
Three priorities this year include finishing mom's fall quilt to gift to the Terra Sancta Retreat center. All it needs are the sashing strips and borders, but I struggle with them, so it got put away. I'll take this to retreat and finish the top up.
My Farm Girl Vintage blocks are all done and sat all year, so I am ready to sash and border them. Again, it's the sashing piece that I struggle with, so it's just never been done.
Thirty one blocks of the FGV Block of the Week. It's gonna be big! So glad I met tomorrow's deadline.
My scrappy trip around the world needs about 26 more blocks. It's a top, but I want it bigger, so I'm going to make more blocks this year as I finally have more scraps to make them with.

Other plans? I want to finish my blue/yellow scrappy trip around the world. I simply love making these, but I struggle with doing the strata sets. I also have a blue/yellow Blue Ridge Beauty I want to make for my cousin's wedding and it will need to be a priority this year. It uses the scraps from the TATW, so they are kind of one in the same.

My new start - heart shaped bargello I've been saving the fabrics for over the past 5 years. It's time to make it a priority.


Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

I am sorry to hear about the death of your husband's grandpa; the death of my husband's grandfather in April 2014 is what really prompted me to take a hard look at my life and leave my engineering career and start my own business. I hope that 2018 is a peaceful year for you and I wish you a lot of joy as you work on your goals through the year. Thank you so much for linking up!

Danice G said...

So sorry about the grandpa's passing. Your quilts are pretty. Best of luck in the new year.

Deb A said...

It sounds like you and I get stuck at the same point on quilts. I love making blocks.... not so much long seams putting them together. I found making sections, rather than rows helped in getting things put together. Might help if you try that when putting together. I work on the top left section, then right, middle left, right....etc. Good luck with the more sewing time goal for 2018 (although you got a lot done in 2017 when you look back!) Have a happy holidays.